Chapter 30

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"The fuck?" I said to myself drowsily. I lifted my head and went to my rub my eyes but found that I couldn't.

I looked up, my eyes narrowed. Not because of the sunlight or anything, probably because I was so tired.

The fuck! My arms are fucking chained up. And with silver too, I recognised, wincing in pain.

Wait, did Dakota and I do some weird fifty shades of grey type sex or something! My legs don't hurt or anything, and my vagina isn't sore. Then where the fuck am I and hoe the hell did I get here!

Oh wait, memories slowly getting back to me. Okay, Dakota was telling me a story, no, his life story. Damn, I got kidnapped!

And I didn't even find out how he turned into... whatever he is. Man, my kidnappers could've took me after I heard the entire story!

Oh great, he probably thinks I left him. Oh hell no!

I started tugging on my restraints, shouting and screaming.

"Shut up." A low feminine voice hissed out from in the shadows. Seriously! Why is everything so fucking shadowy. Where's the sunlight!

"No, I won't shut up. Who the hell are you, and where the fuck am I?!" Yet, I could already hear my voice quietening, but getting more harsh.

"I am your mother, Alessandra." The voice said back.

"Actually, it's 'I am your father, Luke'. And this aint the time to be quoting Star Wars. We are both kidnapped, and I'm really hungry!"

My stomach grumbled in agreement. Well, and hunger.

"Alessandra. I am your mum. Look at me!" The voice hissed and my head snapped up to squint into the shadows.

"I can't see you, you craz-" I cut myself off when I actually took a good look at the person.

It was practically looking into the mirror, with cleaner hair and less wrinkles!

"I see my two favourite girls have met." I heard a familiar voice speak, breaking me away from my shock.

"You bastard!"
"You dickhead!"

The lad- my mother and I said together. Wow, that's weird to say.

I think you could guess I'm the one that called him a dickhead. The creep from the woods.

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