Chapter 33

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Amanda's POV~

Two hours later, I was finally parked in my garage. Though I was a little bit peeved that we didn't make it home an hour and a half ago like I thought we would. Apparently someone was ignorant enough to drive drunk and got into an accident right between exits. Luckily he missed the driver of the other car, so no one got seriously hurt but I was still frustrated that someone was dumb enough to get behind the wheel while they were impaired. Children could've gotten hurt! Families could've gotten brok—

"Um . . . Amanda?"

Blinking rapidly, my eyes meet crystal blue ones in a daze.

"Yeah?" I asked, as I rolled down my side window. Feeling the gush of the wind, I shivered slightly, pulling the scarf around my neck closer towards my face.

"Are you okay?" John asked, leaning against the side of my car. "You look a bit tense." His eyes glanced down at my hands, his face the definition of worried.  

Following his movement, I realized I had my hand wrapped around the wheel a little bit too tightly. Well, 'a little bit' was a bit of an understatement since my knuckles were turning white as a ghost.

Unclenching my hands, I relaxed my pose. "I'm fine," I told him, the corners of my lips lifting up into a smile. "I was just thinking about the—"

"Car crash?" he finished for me.

I nodded, the memory making my blood boil, the smile gone from my face. "I just can't believe that, that happened! The nerve of some people," I finished my sentence off with a tsk sound.

"Me either," he agreed sharing my feelings. "You didn't see it though, right?" he asked, placing his hand over mine, absentmindedly rubbing his fingertips over my knuckles, sending a quick shock of pleasure up my arm.

"No," I said shaking my head, thanking God I didn't. I only saw the aftermath. "I was a few cars back. What about you?" I asked, trying to ignore the way John was touching me. Even though it was purely innocent, my body craved for it more.

Biting my lips, I snapped out of the trance, getting back on topic. "You were in front of me when we left, right? Did you see it?"

"Sadly yes," he said, halting his hands. "We were two cars back. Danny was a bit shaken up by it." John pointed behind his shoulder.  "He's resting in the car now."

Hearing a scraping sound against the snow-covered ground, I knew it was Danny. Looks like he woke up from his 'nap'.

"Wow John," Danny said, his voice laced with sarcasm. "Thanks for making me look like a totally wimp."

He rolled his eyes at him, chuckling softly. "Welcome, I'm glad I can be a service to you," he joked, extending his hand, about to bow. "That would be twenty bucks, please."

Danny smirked, slapping John's hand vigorously, earning a cry from John. "I think that's thanks enough." He beamed, facing me, turning a blind eye on John's pain. "Can we please go inside now? I'm freezing!"

"It's only thirty-something degrees." I waved him off, twisting around, hooking my hand underneath the strap of my laptop case. "You should be used to it already," I replied, opening the door, kicking it close afterwards.

"Well, I'm not." Using his crutches, he followed me up the pathway towards my house. I didn't really like to refer to my house as a mansion, since it really wasn't. But I guess to some people—okay everyone else—it was classified as a mansion, but it's not nearly as big as Izzy's and John's abode.

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