Pleasant Surprise

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Artemis POV

     I believe that this week has been the definition of living hell. Every single corner I turn I see him with another girl and it kills me. I hate him, but at the same time I don't. I wish he would just disappear. Don't even get me started on how he is still trying to win me back, but with how he has been acting lately it's a one step foward, two steps back kind of thing. I just wish he would stop trying if he is continuely going to be with every girl from both of our packs.
I was thinking about going away for awhile. Just go exploring. I've been making a list of why my dad should let me go, because I know that he doesn't want me out of his sight. Ever.
After school, I head home at see that my dad is greeting what seems to be an alpha from an unknown pack. "Hi dad," I say as I walk by him heading to the door of the pack house.
     "Artemis, come here and greet our guest," he said in a stern tone. I roll my eyes as I turn on my heel and head back to my dad's side. When I get to his side he says, "Artemis this is Cedric, the future alpha of the North Sea Pack. He will be staying with us until we have a set alliance with them."
       I nod signaling that I understand. "Welcome to the Blood Moon territory Cedric. Let me know if you need any help finding your way around town," I said with a practice smile.
      "Thank you," he replied. I wasn't expecting the deep, husky british accent. It suprised me. "I'll have to take you up on that offer sometime."
I will say that he was quite a looker. He had tan skin, and dark brown hair with piercing blue eyes. A body from what I can tell is practically chiseled to perfection. "Just give me a call when you feel it's that time," I tell him.
      "Artemis," My dad says, catching my attention. "We are holding a dinner in honor of our guest tonight. Dress nicely. That means no jeans." I roll my eyes.
      "Come on, dad. That was one time." I exasperate.
     "I believe you mean ten times."
     "You got me there," I joke, which gets me an eyebrow raise. "Okay, okay. I got it, No jeans."
    "Show our guest to where he'll be staying." I nod then look at Cedric.
    "Shall we?" I say.
    "Well I'd like to know where I'll be sleeping during my stay here." He chuckled.
    "Then follow me." I began to walk toward the doors. "I believe my dad set you up in the third floor guest room," I state as we head to the stairs. When we reach his room I tell him, "I hope you'll enjoy your stay."
     "Thank you, and I know I will," he said with a wink. Okay Artemis, you need to calm down. Don't get ahead of yourself.
     "I'll see you at dinner." I say with a smile before heading to my room to get ready. Why didn't dad tell me that we were going to have a guest? This is a question that I ponder while I look through my closet.
     I pick out a simple fitted black sweater dress that has a scoop neck that ended at my knees paired with some merlot-colored heels. I did simple eye makeup with a winged liner and a nude lip. For my hair I just did some soft curls. Then it was time to head down to dinner.
      When I got there, guess who I saw. That's right, the oh so lovely Jackson along with Marie. "Hey fireball," I said with a smile.
     "Hey Art!" She said as she gave me a hug.
     "Hi Artemis," Jackson said with a faint trace of hope in his voice.
     "Jackson." I say sternly before turning around to find Cedric walking towards us. He was dressed in a navy button up with khakis and brown dress shoes.
    "Hello Artemis. I see you took your father's words to heart." He said, a bit of playfulness peeking through.
    "I was half tempted to wear jeans, but what kind of impression would I be giving to the future alpha visiting us?" The sarcasm was evident in my voice. "Cedric, this is Marie and her brother Jackson, they're from the neighboring pack, Black Moon."
    "Pleasure to make your acquaintance," He said with a smile before my dad annouced that the meal was going to be served soon. I sat next to Cedric with Marie seat across from me.
     Let's just say that the night was interesting . . .

Hey guys! Sorry about the wait(even though I'm still making you waiting a bit longer) I republished this part due to some complications. But don't fret I'll have a new part up soon enough!


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