Chapter SEVEN

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Chapter SEVEN


Once again I didn't sleep. I couldn't sleep, the dream is always so vivid, it terrified me. Reading yet another book I waited for the sun to rise so I could move on with the day.

    Around six I slipped out of bed and made my way downstairs. I started to make my breakfast when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. "Oh, hey Kat." Hannah sleepily smiled at me. Taking a piece of toast from my plate she settled herself into the chair beside me.

    She fidgeted in her seat and picked at the bread slowly, her eyes trained on making patterns on the table. "Do think Colin likes me?" She whispered softly.

    Turning to her I watched as she kept her eyes down but she was blinking rapidly in order not to cry. "Of course he likes you!" I told her without thinking and she jerks her head up to look at me. "How could he not?"

    She smiled sadly and nodded, "I think I just got used to the idea that I was going to be his mate but I'm not sure that I am anymore."

    "If he's your mate, you guys are cute together." I told her, it was the truth but I didn't like the image forming in my head, "And if he's not that just means that your true mate is out there waiting for you. Don't get too hung up on him if you're not sure, okay?"

    She was quiet as she mulled over what I had said. "You should ask mom about it though. I don't know that much about mates to begin with. I won't have one."

    Hannah got a far away look in her eyes and nodded, "You're going to meet some amazing person at NYU and I'm going to be so jealous." She leaned her head on my shoulder and continued, "You're going to make tons of new friends and not to mention all the clubs you'll get to go to."

    "Hannah." I smile at her slightly, "I'm not going to go to any clubs, do you even know me?"

    Lifting her head to look at me again she spoke with a hint of sadness. "Don't spend every weekend hold up in your dorm room. Do college the way we would. Do it for all of us, Kat. Please try to have fun."

    I nodded, I was going to be the only Anderson kid to go college so in a way they were living vicariously through me. "I'm going to miss you."

    "Don't say that." Hannah scolded playfully, her happiness seeming to come through again, "You haven't even toured the school yet. What if you hate it?"

    "I won't." I told her confidently.

    After breakfast I went back up to my room to change, I had to go shopping so might as well start early so I could read sooner. I grabbed my purse, that only contained pepper spray and my wallet, and headed outside. As I shut the door I saw him. He was grinning up at me as he made his way on to the porch, his hair was a cute mess and his hands were in his pockets.

    "I figured you were going to leave early." He laughed, "And I didn't want you to leave without me."

    I stepped closer to him and felt a smile try to conquer my stony face. Colin was breaking my walls and I wasn't sure that that was a good thing. I blushed, I had hoped that I would get it all done without him. I didn't really fancy spending time with him but also, it's all I wanted. To be alone with him, to talk to him, to be a regular teenager with friends. A boyfriend.

    Blushing a deeper red I followed him to his car. Once we were in the car I looked at him from the corner of my eye and he smirked, "Where to first?"

    After I had told him where he began driving and I was suddenly hit with a woodsy scent that had my heart racing. Looking around the car I noticed that he had an air freshener and I lightly traced it as I read the scent.

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