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I fell into a depressive silence that I had no real way of dealing with. It was not the longest stretch of silence I had gone through, but it lasted for four days as I navigated classes and managed my sugar daddies. Luckily, there was an opportunity presented itself in the form of a trip to Seattle, a city I had always wanted to visit but never had the opportunity. That was until Mr. Wilmer asked me to fill in as his date to a baseball event on Tuesday. I was more than happy to get away from campus so early the morning I had got on a plane and made my way to Seattle. I had never felt so happy to not have classes on Friday.

I landed in the city during the middle of the morning after a long flight. The trip started off with a trip to the airport from Caspian, who had to drive me because I had not earned a license. I was luckily in first class but the sound of a baby yelling made it a little hard to get the sleep that I desperately needed. I was happy to visit in the Emerald City. Growing up, I always wished to visit, but my family was tropical vacation travelers. The travel part dampened the excitement of the vacation. I felt defeated, which did not improve when I saw Mr. Wilmer waiting for me with an impatient expression just as I stepped out of the airport.

He was a bald man handsome with his brown scruffy beard and business casual attire. "Sorry for the way it took awhile for me to get my luggage," I said making my way to the passenger's side as he quickly rushed me over to his luxury car. He grabbed my bag, leaving me only with my carry on before I sat down and closed the door.

"Well, since you're late, we will have to go directly to the tailor to get you something appropriate to wear for the sky box opening. Also, don't forget that as far as everyone is concerned, I am your uncle. Don't forget that shit. After we get this done with, we will have the whole weekend to explore and spend some money," Wilmer said with a tone I was not comfortable with but I kept my mouth shut. As he pulled off, he began rubbing on my arm and smirked to himself.

He had tried to get into my pants for months, but I had not felt comfortable with. For one, he was a hulking figure which was not my favorite body type and he also had mood swings which made him unpredictable. He finally stopped rubbing me when we made it to the hotel and got out of the car. Rushing to the room which had two rooms, as was my requirement for overnight engagements. I quickly showered and got dressed in something comfortable before we rushed back down to the valet and got into the car. I could barely marvel at the skyline before we were at the tailor who quickly altered a very expensive black suit and dressed me in a white shirt and ink-black shoes. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. My small cropped afro looked moist, my caramel skin had no blemishes, and my youthful features were on display.

"Stop ogling yourselves we have to go. When we get there, try not to talk to anyone important or make me look back." There was a concern on his part about being outed but made the foolish decision to bring me to a public event.

When we stepped out we avoided the red carpet and went to the elevator that brought us so far up I had to consider if I was more scared of heights than I had previously thought I was. "I'll be at a table near the window." I pointed towards the wall of glass where there were several glass tables. Walking over I had the awkward feeling that everyone was looking at me but knew that they weren't. I made my over and pulled the wooden chair back and took a seat before I began looking around.

The ease that came with wealth was explicit in everything around me. The modern architecture of the room that the designers furnished with tables, chair, and stools. The people smelled expensive and looked to all be wearing suits and dresses fresh off the runway. I tried not to seem as insecure as I was in the room but was unsure if I was selling it. Wilmer seemed at home among the rich and famous. He engaged in a deep conversation with a tall Asian man who nodded at whatever he was spewing.

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