Visiting an old friend

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"Kayla! Kayla! Kayla!" Sonic was squealing. All of the sudden a young fox landed in front of them. "Hi, I'm miles." "Hi miles, I'm sonic." The two nodded and then Kayla walked over to them. "Sonic?" "Kayla!" Sonic hugged her leg tightly. Kayla saw Sonic's mom coming in. "Alexandria? Are you returning him? Or are you here for another adoption?" "Actually sonic just wanted to visit." She said. Kayla nodded. She then sat down so she could see him face to face. "How are you? It's been like want four weeks since I last saw you." Sonic nodded. "So what have you been up to?" She asked. "I've been playing with mommy."  Miles then came over and Kayla picked him up. "Come on, there's a seat in the lobby, we can talk there."

Once everyone was seated the talking began. Alexandria was holding Miles. Sonic sat by her side and Kayla sat across from them. "So this little fox, Miles, is the child you are in charge of?" Alexandria asked. Kayla nodded. "Yes, and like sonic he is quite smart although he is Young and still has lots to learn, he reminds me a lot of sonic." Sonic blushed at the mention of being compared to a child younger than him. Miles then crawled out of Alexandria's arms and next to sonic. "How old are you?" Miles asked him. "Seven weeks old." Alexandria answered for him. "How old are you?" Sonic asked miles. "Twee weeks old." He said. "Wanna play?" Sonic asked him. Miles nodded and the two went off together to the toys.

"So... I know you are here for a visit but do you think you might consider adopting another?" Kayla asked. Alexandria thought for a moment. "I don't know, Sonic is still kinda new." Kayla nodded. "I was just wondering as miles will need a home and seeing that miles likes you and the fact that the children can get along is a good sign." Alexandria looked over at the children, they were both playing with cars. Sonic seemed pretty happy. "Maybe..." Alexandria said. "Just maybe..."

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