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His feet hit the ground with enough force to rattle the pictures on the wall. Each step sent a wave of intensity into the air that I could almost choke on. I hoped that the commotion would draw the attention of the surrounding people. Wilmer got so close to me I could feel every inhale and exhale. Cornered with no surveyable way out of the situation, especially in the suit I was wearing, I did my best not to panic. Palming the stun gun in my hand I prepared to fight my way to safety.

"So you're going to ignore me slut," he spat at me. I refused to respond to that and pushed myself further back pressing against the wall instead of against the brute. The action only made him angrier, angry enough to grab me and toss me onto the bed. "Answer me."

"Don't touch me anymore," I said. He tilted his head with his brows furrowed in confusion. The smell of alcohol wafted off him, which made me crinkle my nose. Looking at the entrance of the room that had wood splinters all around it I saw my chance. My bag was only a few feet away, all I needed to do was grab it and do my best to run on my bad ankle.

"You have been denying me for too long. I'm done with the games you keep playing. You're a whore and you'll act like one," he shouted, getting closer to me. He began getting on the bed while I tried my best to get off. The act was in vain because he grabbed me and brought his face to me and smiled. His face then went to me neck where he started to kiss me leaving behind the scent of his drink and whatever food he was eating. Getting rougher he began to pull at my clothing while I did what I could to fight him off while still holding the stun gun.

"Get off of me," I pleaded while kicking him away with my left leg that was uninjured. I knew the camera was capturing everything, so I began to shout for help so I could have irrefutable evidence of what he was doing to me. He ignored my cry and pulled out my belt while tightening his hand around my neck. My voice was already strained but now it was fighting against his grip.

"This is your final warning get off of me, you're about to rape me," I said as clear as I could. His grip only got tighter as he began to laugh in between kisses. "What are you going to do about it?"

Hearing those words made a switch in my head turn. Growing up in an abusive household dynamic taught me that fights were never fair and that I needed to do whatever I could to defend myself. With my hand still on the power switch to the stun gun, I flipped it on and then pressed a button allowing for a burst of electricity to ring out. The sound caught Wilmer's attention, but he recognized what it was too late. I placed the prongs on his arm and switched on the device sending volts throughout his body. He seized instantly and got quiet while I held the button down until I could push him off of me.

He groaned, but I did not feel bad for the man who had just tried to take away my agency. Walking over to my phone while reeling from being choked, I shut the video down. The phone then went to my pocket where I know it would be secure.

"You're no longer in control, and I know this because I recorded everything that just happened. We are no longer together, but you will pay me double my rate and finish paying for my schooling. I swear if you don't agree to this, I will make sure every shareholder your company knows about how you like to take advantage of young men." He did not look happy with what I had said but I did not care. Limping over to him I shocked him again until his eyes closed.

I then gathered all of my things and left the room feeling a buzz from the dire situation I had got out of. Tears fell from my eyes and I wiped them away as I had always done. Steeling myself, I made my departure from the hotel. When I was finally sitting somewhat safely on the curb a little ways away from the hotel, I felt my emotions drop. It was like an elephant had been placed on my head and I could barely keep my neck from snapping against the pressure.

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