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Waking up to the sun streaming into the window was a pleasant experience. Sitting up in bed reminded me I had not slipped under the covers, so I was a little cold. After wiping my eyes, I climbed off the bed and walked out of the room and immediately saw my luggage sitting outside the door. I smiled before rolling it to the bathroom and getting prepared for the day. After cleansing myself, I dressed in a simple long-sleeved white shirt and light wash jeans. I wanted to not appear like I was trying hard.

After slipping on a pair of white shoes I walked my luggage to the room I had slept in and then navigated my way to the living room where Zion was. He sprawled out on the couch in blue jeans and a black shirt. My movement caught his attention, and he turned his head from his phone to me. Patting my pocket I sighed with relief realizing I had placed my phone in my pocket. It was not normal for me to not check it first thing in the morning.

"Good morning, you look cute." He looked me up and down once again. Not wanting to get shy I made my way over to the couch and sat down near his feet.

"Thank you," I replied. He seemed to be a morning person, which I was not. Paying attention to his eyes, I watched how they kept going back to his phone. Something was going on, probably on social media, that was bothering him.

"What's going on?" He looked over at me forming a face of mock confusion before he thought better of it. "Someone saw me kiss you on the cheek last night and posted it online. It's not a good picture, honestly it looked like they took it with a rock."

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry for putting you in that position," I said. Immediately I tried to work a way to not have him outed. My hands rubbed the side of my face, a habit I had when anxious.

"Why are you apologizing? I'm the one who kissed you in public, on purpose. I will not lie to you, the world thinking I'm straight makes it easier for me to move around but if I meet someone who is worth it, I'll give that easiness up without a second thought."

He moved towards me and brought me into a hug. He smelled like sandalwood and was warm like a campfire. Slowly getting comfortable I hugged him back allowing him to

gently. "Are you feeling better from what happened last night?"

"I honestly haven't thought about it since I woke up. I've been through worse than that." He looked down at me with a curiosity barely concealed. I looked away from him, not wanting to sully the moment with a trip down memory lane.

"What do you have in mind for the day," I asked. Though I was fine staying in his house all weekend, I wanted to get to see the city. He pulled me up to my feet, having to lean over since there was a dramatic difference in our heights.

"Let's go get some brunch," he suggested. Nodding he pulled away from me and took a deep breath. "You smell superb." I smiled at him before I nodded at his suggestion.

"I'll take you to the space needle, that should be fun for a first date," he said as he began to walk away. His comment about the first state sent a wave of electricity throughout my body and left me smiling like an idiot to myself.

Moving quickly, I walked through the one story home back to the room I had left my things in and put on a white sweater that had a roll neck that covered the faint hand print around my neck. Just as I adjusted the sweater for comfort, Zion knocked on the door before entering. When he came in, he just stared at me like I was a piece of art at a museum. He sported a black bomber jacket and matching shoes.

"Let's go," I said, not wanting him to see my blush. He nodded and led me to his garage that had three cars parked inside. Each of them was expensive looking and had not a single blemish. Zion walked us to a sleek red car, and we got in before he hastily pulled off.

Now in the light of the early afternoon, I could see that surrounding us was forest. The trees were doing their best to reach heaven. My eyes traveled his body while he drove, R&B played softly in the background. The way he drove was a mix of fast and controlled. He wove in and out of traffic like he was in a movie and it surprised me that he had not stopped by a cop.

Finally, he slowed down once we were near our destination. I peered at the people who walked in and out of stores and at the birds who were picking at the litter on the sidewalk. I could envision myself getting comfortable in a city like Seattle. I also noticed how Zion and I remained silent throughout the ride, but it did not feel awkward between the two of us.

Once he finally parked, we made our way up to the restaurant which had me reconsidering my fear of heights for the second time within twenty-four hours. The inside if the needle was a big revolving platform with an interior that was almost bordering outdated. The staff showed us to a table after only waiting a few minutes and began looking through the brunch menu.

"I can't believe you brought me here in public," I said. He smiled at me before a man walked over and asked for him to autograph his napkin.

"I can tell you aren't into baseball because this isn't news," he replied. The waiter came to the table in the middle of his statement. "We will take the brunch platter and I'll have water." He looked over to me and I put up two fingers to signal that I also wanted water. The waiter nodded before walking away.

"Me being out and open would probably get some buzz, not that I care, but it wouldn't be a surprise too many people. I'm out in public with you because I think there is something so special about you I'm not willing to hide."

I looked up at him and we stared at each other until the waiter came with both our drinks, bread, and the brunch platter. It was unconventional to where it became a discussion topic for far longer than it should have. "So are you cool with talking to a guy who has a son?"

"I don't mind," I said it but was unsure if I meant what I said. "Are you alright with me doing what I do?"

"Look shawty I don't care what you do as long as it's with a consenting adult, but if we turn into something you have to drop them," he replied with a smile. We smiled at each other while out of the side of my eye I noticed us drawing attention.

"Can I ask you for something?" I moved my eyes back to his perfect face.


"You want to give them a real reason to stare?" he asked in a

seductive. I could feel the corners of my mouth pull upward.

"Sure," I replied with a full-blown smile. He chuckled before he leaned up and reached over the table and motioned for me to do the same. We were both leaning over a full plate of food with our faces only inches from each other. I smiled in a shyly that caused him to chuckle again.

"You're so cute," he said before closing the space between us. Our lips collide into each other and the moderate sexual tension blossomed into something deeper in the second my eyes closed. His right hand locked behind my head as he deepened the kiss. His lips were soft and moved against mine with passion. I tried my best to keep up with him, hoping that what I was doing wasn't off putting. Something about the kiss felt right. I knew it was something that I would need to experience repeatedly to understand.

As I began to feel comfortable with the kiss, I heard the chatter in the room to grow. Soon the sound of people taking pictures filled the air. I laughed into the kiss knowing that a patron probably took a picture worth more than the meal they were eating. I also laughed because this was bound to warrant more attention than I wanted on me, but maybe Zion was worth it.

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