Chapter 32

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"You're not my dad. That's impossible." I breathed out, ignoring the searing pain in my arms as they're currently hung above my head.

"Not quite that impossible." The guy/ my kidnapper smirked.

"No. You're not my dad. How would that even happen?" I asked myself, trying to convince myself that I was right.

"Well. Your mother and I met, we 'fell in love' and had sex. My sperm connected w-"

"I know how fucking sex works!" I snapped out.

"Oh, that's not the best bit either." He kneeled down by ear, grabbing my chin so my eyes connected with his. The exact shade of brown with brown. "You have a brother."

I yanked my head out of his grip as soon as he whispered that in my ear. My eyes were wide as I stared up at him. Yes, he was still taller than me even when kneeling.

He gestured behind him, an evil smirk on his lips and I followed his gaze.

And there in the shadows, was Levin, all tied and bound up.

"Well, this was a mighty family reunion." The guy said, standing up, and breathing out heavily.

"That's where you're wrong. The Mikaelson family, that was a mighty reunion. This is just shit." I spat out.

The guy turned back to me, and for a quick moment I wished that I had kept my mouth shut.

He walked over to me, and before I could be even move an inch, kinda impossible since I'm tied up, a felt a searing pain by my shoulder. And heard a female scream.

I groaned out loudly and looked down. Yep, just as I thought, I just got stabbed. By a bloody silver knife.

"You've got your mother's mouth you do. Now shut the bloody hell up." He yelled out.

Was it bad that I'm bleeding to my death, and I was just thinking about Crowley's bloody hells. Oh, I love that man.

Hey guys. Sorry for the really long wait and really short chapter. The story would be finished in probably a few more chapters. Who wants a sequel? And who liked my SPN reference? Anyone watch??

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