Chapter NINE

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Chapter NINE


The next morning I was sitting in the living room with my family surrounding me half asleep. My mother was the most awake of all of us so she kept up the conversation, even if it was mostly to herself.

She ushered me out, with dad yawning as he followed behind us.

"Bye Kat!" Chris,Tommy and Hannah called after me from the porch and I gave them a wave before getting into the car.

The plane ride was long and tiring. Once we arrived at our hotel, I looked up at the tall buildings and my dad paid the taxi driver. My mother was clutching her chest as she looked around anxiously, she was a wolf in a concrete jungle and I instantly felt bad that I'd wanted to tour the school.

"I'm sorry." I told her as we walked into the lobby of the tall building in front of us.

"Oh, nonsense." She smiled, wrapping her arm around my shoulder and giving it a tight squeeze. "I'd rather be here with you anyway."

The room was tiny with two small beds, a tv and a desk. My mom was glancing over the itinerary the school had emailed so she could memorize all of it. I let out a soft sigh and laid back on the bed. I miss my family already and I was still with my parents.

"There is a festival just down the street." My mother told me excitedly but worry creased her forehead. "I don't really like the city though." She muttered softly, thinking I couldn't hear her.

"That's okay." I closed my eyes.

"No it is not okay." She muttered standing up, "We came so you could get the full experience. We're going." She told me confidently.

My father smiled, "You're going to the best campus Kat. Best years-." but he stopped up short when my mother gave him a hard look.

I had to give him a smile for that. He was always telling me how much fun college had been, how much fun the city was.

My mom still had her arms crossed over her chest while my father tried to talk to her and I followed them with a slight smile on my face. Despite my overall lack of happiness and love of another, watching my parents made me crave it.

Colin popped into my head and I quickly shook that thought away. I made it clear to Hannah and myself that I wasn't interested in him anymore, I couldn't be.

We'd walked around the festival for only ten minutes when my mother gave a sigh, "I thought I could." She shook her head, "I'm sorry baby. I have to head back to the room, stick with your father."

I nodded to her to show her I understood, she was completely out of her element. I didn't know what being a wolf was like but I imagine being here was like being locked in a cage. Something wolves hated, they prefer to run free, which is why most of them are in small towns away from people and closer to the woods.

My father lead me around but he to was getting agitated, he was missing my mom. I let out a sigh and dived further into the crowd, losing sight of my father.

"Hey." A rough hand pulled me to a stop by the elbow, "You go to school here?"

A guy was dressed in a light blue polo with khaki pants, his brown hair was neatly parted in the middle which gave the impression that he was higher up in the food chain than I was.

I felt under dressed with my jeans and a graphic tee of Tommy's favorite band. I shifted my footing and stared at him.

"So.." He asked his mouth turning up at the sides, "No?"

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