Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Dear Sarah,

I miss you, so much. I miss the way I used to hug you, and the way I used to hold your hand. The way our fingers intertwined, have consistently been replaying in my mind. Do I sound crazy for saying that? I mean I know, we barely spent enough time with each other, but we can still build our relationship now right?

Thinking of you,


I tried not to feel jealous after reading that from him. It was weeks later that he had replied me. If only he actually knew what Sarah really was. What she saw in him. Right now, she was out with some guy as usual. Not giving a shit that she had led him on.


I miss you too. We can definitely work things out. Seeing that we don't really know much about each other, we can learn more through here. For instance, my favourite food -- Chinese food. I can cook great stir-fry noodles and maybe someday, I could cook for you.

Sarah. xx

Who was I kidding right? Like I would ever get a chance to cook for him.

In front of me, I had several A4 sized brown envelopes all ready to be posted to the universities of my choice. All of them were culinary institutes and I was excited AND nervous at the same time.

On my way out, Sarah walked in.

"Has my Talen emailed or anything?" she said looking like she was about to kill me.

"Yea he did. Don't worry I kept it stupid and hollow. Like you." I gave her a fake smile and left before she could answer me.

She wouldn't have to know, right? I mean like she would care. Talen would webcam with her anyway, and he wouldn't know the difference at all. After the post office, I went over to nana's house.

"Nana-banana. I'm here homie!!" I closed the door and as usual, smelled my way to her.

She was pulling out a delicious looking chocolate cake. Without even realizing it, I grabbed my apron and went to the fridge to grab ingredients to make a chocolate ganache frosting.

"I'm sorry nana, but that looks too good not to be frosted with ganache." I laughed.

"Ah, we have the same thinking procedure. So, have you mailed them?" she asked nervously.

"Yes, I have. Why are you nervous anyway?" I placed the chopped chocolate into a bowl that was placed over hot water.

"Nervous?! Honey I'm anything but nervous. More like so excited that I can't wait for you to start your journey. You applied to the places in where again? Florida, New York and oh, my favourite... in Paris, right?" her eyes got all glossy when talking about it.

"But you do realize, that my parents, YOUR kid and his wife are not going to talk to me ever again and cut me off from everything." I said whining.

"Oh, honey, please. They are your parents and eventually, they will come to their senses. So what if they cut you off. I told you I've got more than enough to support you. As soon as you make up your mind about which place you want to go, we'll get you a nice apartment and a car if you choose not to go to Paris. But honey, I'd think you're pretty silly if you choose not to go there--"

"Nana, I'm going to have to stop you right there. You're getting way ahead of yourself and we need to be realistic. I've got no experience whatsoever. The only cooking I've done is here in your house, and in my house. Who on earth is going to accept me?!"

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