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"Jack, I think he did it."

"I'm telling you, he didn't have anything to do with it." Jack shook his head at me as he grabbed a shirt.

"Maybe he did." I played with my fingers.

"Why do you think he did this or anything else? Huh?"

"Because ever since we've broken up, he's–"

"Gabby, for the thousandth time, he's not after you. He's not murdering people to get to you, he's not here, he's not fucking bothering you or anyone else here! You guys broke up like two weeks ago! He might be heart broken or whatever but now you're with me so he's just gonna have to deal with it!" He raised his voice, obviously annoyed.

I stayed silent and let out a sigh then sat down on the bed and looked down at my hands, holding back tears.

"Im sorry..." I looked up at him and he looked like he regretted everything he just said. "I'm... I'm gonna go take a shower." He mumbled while walking to the bathroom.

I sat in the same spot for a few minutes with tear-stained cheeks. 

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and took it out

Hey, babe :) - unknown

What do you want from me?-Gabby

I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what happened. I heard about it through social media. -unknown

I know you did it, you sick fuck.- Gabby

Did what? Get into a car accident? I've been home for the last couple of days, so I have no idea what you're talking about. -unknown

Liar.- Gabby

He sent me his location and a receipt from Jamba Juice that was from yesterday.

Idk who did it, but I would never kill anyone. Yes, I admit, I still miss you, but this wasn't me and neither was anything else. Maybe Jack has something to do with all of this shit idk.- unknown

I left him on read and set the phone down beside me.

Jack did seem kind of mad, but I shouldn't listen to Hayes. Everything is just so confusing right now.


Ugh another fucking short, shitty chapter.

I'm sorry guys, I still have writers block for this book but I'm really trying. I'm also gonna change the cover of this book so be prepared. I don't want anyone to lose it in their library or something.

And I may release a new book

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