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I was laying on the couch with my boyfriend, Jack, watching Orange is the new Black.

It's been storming all day, so we both decided to just have a lazy day and stay inside.

My phone buzzed on the pillow next to me, indicating that I got a text.

I picked up my phone and looked at the screen. It was a text from my friend Andrew. I haven't talked to him in a while.

Hey, Gabby- Andrew

Hey, Andrew. What's up?- Gabby

"Who texted you, babe?" Jack asked, eyes still locked on the TV.

"No one." I answered while setting it back down on the pillow

"Tell me."

"Why?" I asked

"Because I want to know." He said a little annoyed



"His name is Andrew."


"Yes, his, but don't get your panties in a twist, I haven't seen him in like.. Three months."

"...I don't know anyone named Andrew." He said ignoring my recent statement

"I know, but he's just one of m–"

"Didn't you hear me? I don't want you to fucking text him!" He raised his voice at me

"Jack, what the fuck is wrong with you. You're starting to act like–"

I opened my eyes to Jack slightly shaking me "Gabby," I flinched at the sight of Jack's face.

"Hey, you ok?" He slightly chuckled and rested his hand on my thigh "Um.."
I scooted away from him, getting out of the opposite side of the bed.

"Gabby, what are you doing?" He asked while walking towards me. I slipped on my shoes real fast and went right for the door.

My waist was suddenly grabbed, preventing me from going any further "Gabby, what's wrong?" He pulled me back to him and turned me around so I was facing him and I was sobbing at this point.

"Gabby, wha–what happened?" He begun to get teary-eyed "Are...Are you afraid of me?"

I looked up at him and he looked... Broken.

"No," I sobbed "I can't do this anymore." I put my face in my hands "Do what?" "Be here and, and... Be scared. I don't want to think about him anymore." I could barely breathe, I was so shaken from everything.

He pulled me into his chest and I continued to uncontrollably cry.


I should rename this book "Short & Shitty"

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