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Chapter 1 - Talk About Chances

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Chapter 1 – Talk About Chances

** TORI's POV **

A ray of sunlight flashed through my closed eyes that made me wake up. I let out a small yawn and scrunched my eyes with the back of my hand before I opened them.

Another beautiful day.

I couldn't help but feel excited about this. It has been a week since the summer started and I could say that I was having a really good time. One could never get bored spending their summer at East Hampton. It was definitely a must visit for New Yorkers.

Every summer, my bestfriend and I, Chloe, spend our time here with Nathan. But this year, he won't be here. I don't know what happened to him. It has been months since we last saw him. He didn't even attend the graduation ceremony. According to Chloe, he was taking online lessons with the teachers so that he could, at least, get a high school diploma.

A lot of things happened over the past few months. I could say that it wasn't the same anymore. But the good thing is, I still have my bestfriend.

I glanced at my side and saw Chloe sleeping at the other bed. We're at her grandmother's vacation house at one of the East Hampton's Residence. It was very spacious and classy with a large pool and garden at the backyard. We love spending our summer here; it was very relaxing and peaceful.


She'd been there for me through thick and thin. She never left me even in the darkest days of my life. She was very supportive of my decisions and was a very good listener.

After that unfortunate event, I thought she'll never understand me, but then my guess proved me wrong. Every time I thought about it, I always felt guilty for thinking of abandoning my friendship with her. I'd been selfish. I never even thought of asking her side of the story.

But now that I knew her true feelings and intentions, I finally understood why she'd been acting that way. With that, I realized that friendship is supposed to be secret free because true friends never lie to each other. No matter what it is, you have to be open to one another. That's how your friendship will become stronger than ever.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" She asked with a yawn. I was startled that I haven't even realized that she was already awake.

"Nothing. It's just that it's been my hobby watching people sleep." I joked.

"Okay stop that. You're creeping me out." She said with a laugh. She stretched and sat up. "So, what's our itinerary for today?"

"Anything, but please let's skip shopping. It has only been a week and we're already piling a lot of shopping bags in this house." I pleaded. She laughed even harder.

"Come on. Summer at Hampton is full of parties and gatherings. We wouldn't want to wear summer clothes or appear underdressed at each event, right? Besides, we haven't gotten a dress for tomorrow night's Masquerade Ball." She said, full of glee and excitement. There's no use in arguing with Chloe when it comes to shopping clothes. I always lose at this one.

"Fine. But one dress and then we're out." I bargained.

"Definitely." She answered with a reassuring smile. Oh boy, that smile has a different meaning. For sure, we'll be out all day for another shopping session. But then, something was still bothering me.

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