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"Wake up, Cy." My head shot up from my pillow at the sound of a familiar voice that was oddly muffled. Looking over at Zion and Cisco, I checked to make sure they were fine. I could tell based on how light they snoring that they wouldn't be awake soon. I knew many of their quirks better than I knew myself.

"Cy." I turned to the closed door from where my name was being called. I climbed out of bed before whoever was shouting could wake my guests up. They both acted like babies after a nap. The surrounding lights were dim notifying me we had slept through the night. Shuffling over to the door, my feet warm against the cool wooden floors I yanked the door open and saw Nala waiting. She wore her silk bonnet, shorts, and one of my old sweaters.

"What's going on?" I asked her with a hand blocking my morning breath.

"I know you're playing step daddy but it's Black Friday let's go," she said. I rolled my eyes at her but it was a tradition for us to go spend money on things we didn't need.

I walked back to the bed and started with waking up Cisco first. He grumbled when I picked him out of bed and took him into my bathroom. I retrieved two spare toothbrushes and told him to use one of them. Leaving him there, I woke up Zion, who was just as groggy.

While they occupied the bathroom, I quickly changed into a thick sweater and coat. I placed on a new pair of jeans and socks before going into the bathroom where they were washing their faces.

"We're going Black Friday shopping. You can join if you want or I can meet you at the hotel later." I grabbed my toothbrush and quickly cleaned my teeth before washing my face. I only slowed down when I applied my moisturizer.

"Yeah, we'll go with you and pick up some new clothes while we're out and about." Zion stretched enough to show off his abs. When I looked up to his face, he was smirking. Before leaving out of the bathroom he kissed me on the forehead, his hand trailing down the side of my face before he walked out of the bathroom. Cisco followed behind him, still not fully awake. When I got done cleaning, I walked out and saw that they had their shoes on and were ready to go.

"Have you guys been out to one of these before?" I shuffled past Cisco, who was barely keeping his eyes open and put my boots on.

"No, I hear these things can get crazy though," Zion said. I nodded at his answer because people could get rowdy over a deal. We all walked out of my room discussing the things that might occur. Joelle and Nala were waiting on us in the living room. They wore matching all black outfits meant for comfort.

"It's time to go," Joelle said. Her fingers were patting her thighs in an act of impatience. I rolled my eyes at her and led the way out of the apartment. The moment I opened the door, I saw Tyreke across the hall speaking to my neighbor. I slowly cracked it so I could see what was going on.

The door was only cracked far enough to allow the lights from inside to shine through. Tyreke was on his knees begging for something. "Come on, baby just let me stay the night it's too cold in my car, look I got money for your stuff you asked for. I'm doing better. I'm trying so give me a shot." In between two fingers with burns along the sides was a rolled bill. I couldn't tell how much it was but knew it couldn't be a lot. I could feel everyone behind me watching.

"What the hell am I supposed to do with twenty-six dollars? Do you know how much it takes to raise a child? Formula and diapers are not cheap. You were making a thousand dollars a day out there not too long ago. You just had to go smoke and sniff up the product. Stop playing in my face and come back when you have a job and then I might consider letting her near you," she shouted so loud I was sure others were silently watching from their peepholes.

Tyreke slumped to the ground defeated. I felt bad for him, but it was no longer my job to help him. Apparently he was a father and if he would not get his life together, in a real way, he just wasn't going to.

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