Silence is (not) nice

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I haven't heard from Alex since this morning. This isn't unusual given the fact that he is the alpha and has lots of work to get done, but deep deep deep down in my gut, I feel like he is trying to avoid me.

And I also have Olive here telling me he is avoiding me.

"Yea, he said it straight to my face and said, 'I won't talk to her unless needed, now get out of my office'," Olive said trying to mimic Alex's deep voice.

"Well, isn't that good news?" Jackson says next to me with a smile.

We were in the kichten eating...a salad. Because someone (Olive) believes I'm 'unhealthy'. I look pale for one second and the next thing you know I have to eat healthy, go outside, and exercise.

No. Just no.

I have already got used to a bed (which is such a blessing) and I don't believe I would want to be going outside again for a long time.

"Why would he be avoiding me? I didn't do anything that would make him want to aviod me, then why would he?"

If anything I should be avioding him. Forcing me to kiss him, upserd. Being rude to the mating customs and saying a mate is only a sex object, infuriating. Raising a knife to Jackson, completely and utterly the most irrational thing I have seen anyone do. (If he wasn't my mate his corpus would be six feet under ground as we speak.)

"I don't think he is mad at you, but mad at himself," Olive explained.

"Mad over what? Being the jerk he is?" Jackson said while pouring a little bit too much ranch into his salad.

"No, I mean, yes. Its just he is mad at his actions. Did he do anything Rose? Anything to make you feel bad or sad?"

Has he?

I was mad but I get over things pretty easily. (Depending on the situation at hand). But I do find myself getting mad at Alex more than I want to. What could he be feeling bad about?

"Uh, yes, but not to an extreme extent. I can be mad at him but only for a little while. Spending time with Jackson helps getting my anger out."

With my confession I saw Jackson blush. He moved out of my view when he saw me looking at him.

"Then I guess he is avoiding you for no reason," Olived sighed. "My ship is sinking the farther we go into this."


"What are yo--"

A huge bang interupted me from asking Olive what a ship was. All three of us turned to face the woman, Karla if I remember correctly, looking at us with a confused expression.

I looked at the floor and noticed she dropped a few pans and bowls. "Do you need help?" I asked cautiously not knowing if she would be offended by having me helping her or not.

"Who are you?"

Oh yea. She has only meet me as Silence.

"I'm Rose, Jackson's sister."

It sounded weird to say that but everyone here thought that, might as well just go with it.

"Silence's girlfriend?"

"Yes," even that sounded weird coming out of my mouth. Me? My own boyfriend...girlfriend? How would that work?

She looked me over. Up and down, strangely stopping to look at my chest the longest. She did not look in awe, far from that actually. She looked grossed out. Then she spoke, "I guess he likes women with breast. That would be simple."

The hell?

"Uh, excuse me?" I said as I got up from my chair.

"Oh don't be offended by that. I'm just stating the truth. The only reason Silence might be captivated by you is for your mere appearance. As I look over you I see that only thing worth Silence's your breast."

"The only thing worth Silence's attention are my breast?" I said bewildered by what she just said. How could I not be offended? I took steps closer to her but she didn't seem threated by them at all.

"The only way to get a man's attention is through your body. Do you really believe a man would like you for who you are? What world do you live in?"

I stopped myself and looked at Karla oddly. Alex had said something close to that not so long ago.

Maria, what world do they live in?

No love, sex before mating, and rudeness toward mates?

Maria, what is this pack teaching their people?

"A nice one," I replied to Karla after giving some thought into my answer. I heard her scoff and roll her eyes, which suddenly annoyed me.

Yet, she stayed in her place and I decided to pick up the bowls and pans she dropped.

"Here you go," I placed the pans and bowls in her hands. "Oh and getting boobs like mine take time," I looked at her chest and then back up to her. "I feel bad to say," I didn't. "That with someone with your chest size might take a bit longer."

I turned around and walked away with both Jackson and Olive following next to me.

"You just called her flat," Olive giggled.

I did. I just called someone flat.


How could I be so rude!?

"I'm going to apologize," I said as I tried turning around to go back into the kitchen.

"You can't!" Olive yelled as she grabbed my waist stopping me from moving from my place. "That was the best exit ever! You can't ruin it. Leave and apologize later."

I sighed and turned back. "Your right. Later. She was rude and I had to show her in her place." Did I?

"Right," Olive said.


"Olive, you wanted to show us to the mountains right? Want to go now?" Jackson asked Olive.

"Oh of course! I almost forgot. Rose you'll be joining us right?"

I had totally forgotten about this. Yet, this wasn't problem it gave me time to speak with Alex. "No, you two go along. I'll stay here. Keep safe okay?"

"Okay," They both said.

I saw as they walked toward some guards who followed them after they exited the house. They better keep them save, if not, I'll have more blood on my hands.

I shook my head and headed up the stairs. I had to talk with Alex. There was something in me that needed to talk with him. But why? Why do I feel as if he needs me.



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