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I woke up in Jack's bed with a small headache and I looked over to the clock to see that it said 11:00. Jack's flight from Chicago to Manhattan got delayed so he Face Timed me at about 2 AM to pass the time.

I got up and walked down to the kitchen to make myself a bowl of cereal. It felt strange to be without him because I've been right by his side for a long time.

Good morning baby- Unknown

Hayes?- Gabby

Yes?- Unknown

I set my phone down on the counter and went upstairs, leaving my bowl and box of dry cereal on the counter as well.

I changed into grey leggings and a black "VIEWS" t-shirt that I got from the concert, along with a pair of black Huaraches.

I grabbed my phone and car keys from the key hook then headed out, on my way to the Sprint store to change my phone number.


As I was arriving back to Jack'a house from the store, I walked up to the front door and there was a small note that stated "You weren't home, so I'll come back later. -Hayes"

I let out a small sigh and unlocked the door then walked inside. I closed the door and walked into the living room, then sat down on the couch. I couldn't help but to break down and cry. This guy seems to have complete control over my life and no one can help. Not the police, not Jack, not myself.


I was in the car for like 15 hours so the next chapters almost done.

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