Chapter 36

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Amanda’s POV~


When my brain finally processed what she said, I wailed, ‘what?’ in her face, scaring her half to death, as she jumped backwards, covering her ears in misery. But she couldn’t blame me for doing that! Since when did Danny have a girlfriend? He wouldn’t keep something like this a secret from us, right? Especially not from John—his best friend, would he?


Peeking at John in the corner of my eye, I knew he did. John looked just as surprised as I was, staring at her, with his mouth wide open. And just when I was about to ask her how she even knew him, Dennis’s head popped over my chair, pushing me forward, as he leaned his elbows over my headrest.


“Wow,” Dennis breathed, winking at her. “You’re so pretty.”


She quirked an eyebrow at him, as confusion appeared in her doe-green eyes. “Um, who are you?” Sierra asked, eyeing Dennis, still lost.


“Name’s Dennis. I’m with them,” he introduced himself, extending his hand with an adorable smile.


“I see.” She gave him a small smile in return, shaking his hand. “Thanks for the compliment.”


“No problem,” he said politely. “So . . .” he trailed off, scratching his cheek, “you’re really Danny’s girl?”


“Ex,” Danny’s voice cut in before she could answer.


“D-danny, you don’t mean t-that,” she stuttered, on the verge of tears, the anguish evident on her face. “You and I both know the only reason why you broke up with me is because you wanted to protect me. Well guess what? I don’t need that anymore. They’re gone Danny. Gone,” she finished, sniffing, whipping her nose.


“What do you mean by that?” he asked, jumping forward in his seat, his voice alarmed.


“I reported them,” she said simply.


His eyes expanded into saucers. “You did what!?”


“That’s right,” she said proudly, smiling jocundly. “They can’t hurt you anymore. After years of abuse you took, they’re finally gone.”


“Both of them?”


She nodded, brushing some of her hair from her face. “Your dad, and your brother will rot in jail for life. I’ll make sure of it Danny.”


“Sierra, why did you even—”


“Okay, hold on,” John blurted out, getting in between the two of them. “What in the name of God is going on here!? Can someone please explain to me what’s happening? Because Danny—” He faced him, “—you got a whole lot of explaining to do.”

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