Chapter 18

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2 months later - Back from Paris.

"Kat, there's someone on the line for you. I think it may be your mother." Stacey my cashier told me.

Looking up in confusion at her "My mother?" I said.

I hadn't spoken to my mother or father since I left the house to study. It was already what.. two and a half years? No, three years. I didn't know why my mother would be calling me. That is if it was her in the first place. Unless.. it was about...

"Hello?" I said not sure who it would be.

"Honey? It's mom." her voice sounded like she was crying badly.

"Mom? What happened. What's wrong?" 

"It's  your brother." my heart stopped.

"What. What happened to Ryan mom?" my lips started to tremble.

"They found your brother and Talen. They are alive. They escaped from their captors."

I steadied myself by holding onto the marble top counter. Thanking god that my brother was not killed, I focused on what she was saying. Tears f absolute joy were streaking my cheek

" The both of them will be back for good. Kat, I know things are bad between us. But your brother may need all of us." she said crying again.

"I don't know mom. Things at my shop are getting busier than ever lately. I'll try getting someone to take over for me for a few days."

"We know. We saw the show on Food Network. We feel like fools for not supporting you." that surprised me big time.

I just assumed that they gave up on me. "I'll see what I can do mom. Don't worry." after hanging up I called the one person I knew who would tell me the right thing to do. Nana.

"Nana. Have you heard about what happened to Ryan?" 

"Yes honey. Your mother called me earlier. She explained everything."

"What do I do. I don't know how to face all of them. By them, you know who." I said quietly.

I tried my best to move past the whole Talen thing. Not to mention the way I had left things was worst. The last e-mail I sent him definitely blew everything up. I grew tired of waiting for someone who would never be mine. 

"It's not like you murdered anyone Katerina. I don't know why you're acting this way. You should be so proud of how far you have come. Look at how successful you are now. If I were you, I'd be so happy to rub it in their face." she laughed.

"Fine Nana. We'll go tomorrow. I'm swamped with the bakery today. Pretty sure my hair has flour in it."

"See you for dinner, doll."

"Staceyyyy get your butt in here." I called for the cheery blonde.

"What up bawse lady." 

"Ugh don't call me that. We are the same age. Anyway, I need you to take over the bakery and the cafe for... 2 to 3 days at most. If you have any major decisions to make, just consult with Claire and Bree. I trust all of you. I will let the chefs know they need to come in and cover for me. You're definitely getting a raise and promoted to manager. What was I thinking trying to do it myself--

"God, I've never seen you ramble this much ever since that cute random guy came in one day. But yes, I'll watch over your baby that is this lovely shop." she hugged me.

"Great, thanks Stace." I got back to my work.

Stacey was a friend of Jon's. She was working here to get more cash because she was saving up for graduate school. Having a business degree these days meant nothing at all. Her parents could barely put her through NYU but she was a very bright student so she had scholarships. Her parents told her they couldn't pay for graduate school so now she works two jobs and had to take a year off to save up.

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