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this was supposed to be a wedding but i wanted to do an engagement first. snowflakes indicate a holiday theme. also this is painfully short.

 also this is painfully short

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"Be careful, Laura."

Hakeem Lyon watched carefully as his longtime girlfriend pushed a small ladder towards the christmas tree and climbed onto it as she happily clutched the tree's star in her hand. Hakeem repeatedly insisted she let him do it, but Laura genuinely believed that the job to put the star on top belonged to her and only her. He didn't argue about it, if she wanted to do it, she could. He just told her she better not shed any tears when she fell down on her butt.

The ladder wasn't even enough, which was quite embarrassing to Laura, as if she didn't feel short enough already. She raised herself up on her tip-toes, carefully placing the star on top.

"How does it look?" She questioned aloud. Yet, there was no response. When she looked over at where Hakeem was suppose to be, she noticed that he had disappeared. Where had he gone so quickly? Laura shrugged, she stepped down off the ladder and found a perfect spot to admire the tree from. 

"It's beautiful."

Laura turned around to see that Hakeem had returned holding a small box in his hand. "So are you," he smiled, moving closer to her, "I have an early christmas present for you."

December had barely started, it was both surprising that Hakeem already started buying gifts and wanted to open one already. Laura nodded, still eyeing the box cautiously. "Uh, okay?"

Before Laura could properly process what was going on, Hakeem had already dropped down onto one knee. He opened up the small box and revealed a diamond ring inside. One that sparkled so bright it nearly brought tears to Laura's eyes.

"Hakeem, what are you—"

"Let me start by saying this. I love you, Laura Calleros." Hakeem began, "I love you and I am inlove with you. I would have never thought that at such an early age I would find the love of my life. Now that I have though, I'm one hundred, no— one thousand percent sure I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know it's a lot to think about, you don't have to say yes, but I would love it if you did and I promise you that you wouldn't regret it if you did. With that being said, Laura, will you please marry me?"

By the time Hakeem was finished with his romantic speech, Laura had tears in her eyes and was already nodding. "Yes. YES! Yes Hakeem, I will marry you!"

Hakeem let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding in. He carefully slipped the ring onto Laura's finger, rising to his feet right after. He wrapped his arms around her waist, picking her up and spinning her around right after crashing his lips into hers.

Finally, Hakeem and Laura were on their way to happily ever after.


i'm gonna try and update this every wednesday because you know.. empire is every wednesday. also empire pissed me off tonight i can't believe jamal was the only one who wanted to stand up to lucious and also.. andre literally scalped that little girl lmao. AND i'm gonna stop being biased and i'll start writing about tiana and hakeem and nessa and andre and blah blah other couples to be fair.

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