Another day at Guildin Heights High

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Rayna's P.O.V

Beep! beep! beep! beep!"Fuck you."I muttered angrily at my alarm clock "Couldn't have given me 5 more minutes!"

I groan as I pull myself out of bed muttering swears as I start towards my closet , picking out my clothes for the day when my ringtone for my best friend Alex sounds and I begin to sing along. 

I chime in with a haven't you people ever heard of,
Closing the god damn door

No- my singing was interrupted by a banging on my door

 "SHUT UP RAYNA THE NEIGHBORS ARE COMPLAINING." I roll my eyes at my older brother whos visiting from the college

 "Oh Shut it Kyle like they like your shower singing to chandelier any better." He bust open the door and begins singing 


He exclaims after I maybe kinda might have threw a pillow at him.  I roll my eyes"Oh stop being a big baby and get the hell out of my room."

 He huffs pouting "I am not a big baby " I roll my eyes no longer paying him attention but giving my attention back to my clothes "Mhm okay." 

He finally exits my room and I begin to get dressed In black skinny jeans ,a black and white off the shoulder shirt and a black red and white button up wrapped around my waist.

 I throw my curly brown hair
into a ponytail with a strand of hair in front of my face. I put on my black combat boots and look in the middle I cover my visible body parts with concealer .

 I stand in the mirror satisfied with my look. I start my way down the stairs and start towards the door . "KYLE WHERE ARE THE KEYS!"I shouted from downstairs as he smugly comes downstairs swinging them on his finger. 

"You mean these?"I growled and stormed to him trying to grab the keys but he put them above his head." Ha Ha short." 

He smirked till I kneed him where the sun don't shine making him groan bending over. I smirked and grabbed the keys" I'll be taking these." 

I said as I walked out the door leaving my brother hunched over. I know I probably shouldn't have done him so wrong seeing as between the military and college he's rarely home. 

 I 'Borrowed' his  bike which is a Yamaha r1 its his pride and joy and one of the many things our grandfather left for him after his passing, 

Kyle left it here for me while hes in college since hes not much of a motorcycle person and he knew how much I adored it. 

Sometimes hes the only thing that reminds me we share the same parents. I sped down the street passing starbucks. 

Shit now I'm craving a frap.... oh well I'll get it later. After about 10 minutes I pulled up in front of my school about to park in my usual spot until I noticed a matte black corvette with dark tints . I was admiring the car when I realized it's in my spot. 

"Who the he-." I was stopped mid-sentence when I saw what had to be the most gorgeous being ever step out the drivers side . 

I swear God has favorites. 

 The person in front of me was clearly one of them , He had black hair that was a bit on the longer side with an undercut ,though he had it pulled into a man bun,  blue-grey eyes that felt like they were looking into the pits of my soul and a nice build that seemed to pop out of his burgundy button up shir-

" Are you enjoying the view princess?" a deep and sexy voice said lowly . I looked up to meet his eyes that seemed to be full of amusement . Pulling myself together I rolled my eyes at him " Actually no I wasn't looking at you I was astonished at the fact you parked in my spot." I responded nonchalantly before parking in the spot next to him. "You sure?"he said smirking. I take it back hes not fine he's just cocky  

" I think I see a bit of drool."  Definitely a cocky jerk I ignored him walking into the school building only to knocked down by  my best friend. Outside of Him and my brother I dont really talk to anyone , but im okay with that.

"RAYYYYYYNNNNNNNNAAAAA I MISSED YOU!" He shrieked In my ear." Alex you saw me yesterday." I said laughing as he continued his whining " Yeah! But that was over 8 hours ago." I rolled my eyes at him. " Yeah yeah now get your heavy ass off me." I groaned trying to get up . He reluctantly got up  giving me a hand. The bell rung signaling us to start making our way to class." 

Mrs. Jackson is going to kill me if I'm late to class again ." Alex mummered . I laughed at his ghostly expression as he sprinted to class .

 I Had finally made it to my next class and soon the day began to drone on. I'll spare you the details unless you want to hear about my essay .

  It's lunch time and I start making my way to my usual table. As I sit down I notice A mutual friend of me and alex named Mako being more uppity than usual "ISNT HE SO HOT!" She exclaims 

" Who's hot?" I ask as I sit down. 

"HAVE YOU NOT SEEN HIM!"She exclaims in disbelief."Uh who?" I asked "Only the new History teacher Mr.Finn." She says dreamingly looking like a lovestruck puppy. "He's not all that ."Alex said rolling his eyes .

"He's okay I guess."he says after making mako drop her jaw. "Is there some secret code word for okay I dont know about? Like does it mean most drop dead gorgeous sex god Alp-" Alex covers her mouth before shes able to finish her sentence but I assume its just because he doesnt want to hear anymore.

I burst out laughing at Alex's expression when Mako says "Whatever you'll see Ray! Besides you have him next period." She says to me smirking . Do I ? Hm  I think to myself as the bell rings . I gather my now finished homework for English and shove it in my back begrudgedly .

 " Damn Ms. Hawkins, I didn't even have time to touch my Lunch." I mutter looking at the untouched food Alex had gotten for me. "Its cool Ray arent you an aid ? Just eat it in during your Aiding period unless your teacher is some evil with in disguise I dont think theyd mind." He says before putting it in my bag. Alex is the only one outside of parents that know even a little about my home situation, I couldn't tell him everything because well.. who knows how'd he'd even react . 

Not even Kyland knows and we lived in the same house for years before he had to leave for college. I smile softly at him issuing a quick thanks as I hurridly walked towards my history class. It was strange that we got a new teacher in the middle of our semester but Apparently Mr. Koltan had a family emergency and moved back to his home country so it was inevitable. I sigh as I approach the door " Now who's class am I supposed to sleep In ." I Mumble as I open the door just to be met with someones chest . " Im Not sure but I'd hope you don't plan on sleeping in mine." The chest says . How did they hear me ? More importantly, why does the voice sound familiar? I look up regretingly finding myself face to face with those same eyes from before. 

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