Well Thats an Introduction

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Rayna's P.O.V

I must've been standing there gawking in the door way for quite a while because he smirked and cleared his throat to which I then glared at him before going to take my usual seat making sure to avoid eye contact the whole time . "Hello class my name Mr.Finn and I am your new world history teacher for the rest of this year."He said with a small smile showing his pearly white teeth his stupid cold grey blue eyes seemed to be warm and inviting, he looked so WAIT WAIT WAIT No fuck him that stupid jerk, wait why dont I like him again ? Why am I even thinking these things about him hes just my teacher! I groan . Aw man I flipped off the man in charge of passing or failing me . I  mean.... I thought he was a student at first technically. Plus he's still the jerk  that stole my parking spot . I think to myself trying to feel better about my new circumstances, besides almost A whole day has gone by he's sure to have forgotten by now right ? "I'm looking forward to teaching you all , before we start is there any questions for me?"almost instantly all the girls in my class and a few guys hands shot up. "Oh well that's alot ."he breath out laughing a little which made most of the girls swoon. Ugh this is going to be A long class.  "Ok uhm , you there."he said pointing to Blaine Ortega . "Are you single?" She asked batting her eyelashes as she leaned forward a little on her desk to show off her clevage earning A few whistles from some of the guys in our class. Shes here too? This class is just getting worse and worse .I scoffed and rolled my eyes there's always one. "I dont believe thats any of your concern." He says dismissively  his eyes showing a hint of annoyance. She pouted  and flopped back into her chair . "You."he said now  pointing to a red head boy in the front named Jeffrey Kingston . "How old are you sir ?" He asked "Well I'm 22." He said smiling lightly  he's really young now I dont have to feel bad for assuming he was a student."Okay one more question , hmmm how about you." He said , when no one started talking I looked up and noticed he was talking to me "Me?" I asked unsurely 

he nodded " But  I didn't raise my hand." I said confused to why he chose me "I'm aware." He says smirking. Guess he didn't forget  "Fine." I sigh before trying to think of a question , hmm question question.Ah!
Got it "What time does class end ?" I ask, yes I am still annoyed with him for earlier.  "Well ms...."he starts trailing off  "Artegío." I said helping "Well Ms.Artegío seeing as we haven't been in class for more than 10 minutes and each class period last about an hour and 20 minutes Id like to say you still have at least an hour left to be stuck with me. Why ? did you have somewhere you needed to be ?" He said smugly "Now can all of you open your journals and write a bit about yourselves and turn it into me at the end of the class.Since I'm new here It'd be greatly appreciated if you all would right things that were important in helping you grow academically such as your learning methods. "He said and started walking around the class observing everyones work . I hurried and finished I'm not very interesting so there's not much to write about  I thought to myself "what to draw What to draw" I whispered  and started sketching a few minutes pass when I hear  "That looks good Ms.Artegío" said A voice belonging to no other than Mr.Finn. His voice however for some reason sent a strange sensation through my stomach "Thank you." I mumbled softly, why am I acting so ... around him. " Is this me ?" He says smirking and partially in awe which made me take a good look at the picture shit it is him  I thought to myself furiously. "Nope."  I said nonchalantly annoyed with myself , he flashed a small deviant smile. "It looks gr-."he got cut off by the ringing of the bell signaling that it was time  for our last period . I grabbed my things making my way towards the door desperately trying to  escape   his classroom. I don't know what it is but I just couldn't breath being that close to him, it was suffocating.  Suddenly  I was pulled back into the room , the door slamming shut and we were the only two in the class . " I told you I needed to talk to you after class Ms.Artegío ,  Though im sure you didnt hear me seeing as you were zoned out for 80% of my class." He said sternly "I I'm sorry, I have to go to the office and see  who I'm Aiding this year ." I cant breath I cant breath I cant breath He wore a look of confusion on his face but it was soon replaced with a smirk and a look of determination. He let me go but not before bending down  and whispering "See you soon Ms.Artegío ."

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