A coincidence?

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Rayna' s P.O.V

I bolted out of that classroom so fast I think  I left skid marks  behind me. I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened , his words rung in my head  " See you soon Ms.Artegío."  how my body reacted to him It was like I couldn't control my own body... As I approached the office door I quickly  tried to calm myself and my faint breathing to shake all thoughts of Mr.Finn from my head. I walked into the office greeting Ms.Kathy with a small smile. "Hey sweetie! How are ya? How was your day kiddo?" She said energetically. "Pretty good a little  hectic of course." I said laughing a little."Ah well that's good sweet pea ! Still an aid?" She said curiously "Yes , actually that's what I'm here about." I said "Ahh lets see who's the lucky teacher that gets this beautiful lady  as an aid ." She says playfully as she moves over towards the computer scrolling."Hmmm it seems only one teacher doesn't have an aid." She says to me oh come on please don't say it i think to myself "Who is it?" I said curiously "Mr Finn." She says nonchalantly. I felt my breath get caught in my throat as I became a ghostly pale. "Is there something wrong pumpkin? Your looking whiter than Marys little lamb!" She says a worried expression taking place over the once  happy expression.
"N-no,I'm fine I'll get to his class right away." I said with a small shaky smile as I made my way towards the door. How can this be happening why him?  I found myself hesitant as I made my way towards the door , which was the only  thing in between me him and his classroom. I mean it makes sense, the whole semester has almost passed and he's the only transfer teacher, of course he wouldn't have an Aid . What am I even so nervous for ? Taking in a deep breath to calm my nerves I open the door here goes nothing. "Back so soon Ms.Artegío ?" Said his deep voice from some reason his slight accent showing profoundly. He was sat on his desk smirking at me with his head slightly tilted. I glared at him as he stood and approached me his tall figure towering over my small one. He bent down and  huskily spoke in my ear " If I were you I wouldnt have such an attitude with me young lady." My breath got caught in my throat and A slight shiver went through my body. Why as I Letting him do this to me, I looked up and bit back " Why the fuck not?" I looked up at him .. shouldn't  have done that, when my eyes met his I saw pure anger and something else that seemed hidden flash through  his eyes. Unlike the look of anger I normally saw from my parents this one seemed strange . I quickly looked down " s-sorry  sir." He wouldnt hit me in school right? H e would get fired and even sued , not that my 'family' would sue, theyd probably just invite him over so he could do worse.  A chill went through my body at the though. I tensed continuing to look down. His stance changed as he sighed mumbling some thing before going to his desk. What am I doing..  I think to myself before getting started on the board. I started clearing the board when I hear " I want to get to know you." I froze before relaxing Dammit Ray stop being so tense !" There's  not much to know."  I said and shrugged nonchlantly, he chuckled  lightly " That's not true, I'm sure of it." I ignored him and continued. He sighed " Ok I'll start."  Who said I wanted to know about you I internally rolled My eyes "What do you want to know." He asked leaning back  in his chair as I thought to myself "What's your name." I said as I looked at him as i  sat on a desk in front of him."Alois." He replied smiling Alois...I like it "What's yours?" He asked curiously "Haven't looked at your roster?" I replied. " Well Yes, but i want you to tell me ." He says sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. Man you're A weird one . I smiled slightly " It's Rayna." He mumbled something smiling "Beautiful." He said aloud making me blush . " Thanks ." He sucked in his breath . We sat in a comfortable silence as he did paperwork and I straightened  up the class before getting on my phone to text Alex. The bell rung and I headed towards the door but he called me back dammit was almost free "Yes?" I looked towards him as he wore a smirk on his face. " I'll try not to steal your parking space tomorrow." I rolled my eyes playfully and Walked  out  the class his eyes staring holes in the back of my head . I hopped on my motorcycle  after looking for Alex who was no where to be found. I pulled off with Mr. Finn for some reason  being the only thing on my mind .
I pulled up to my house seeing no car ." Kyle must be with his friends before he's sent off again." I think to myself  before unlocking the door.  As I opened it I saw someone I hadn't expected to see for at least another 6 hours  ...

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