Chapter 37

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Amanda’s POV~

“Where the fuck is Neal you sick freak!” was the first thing I growled out seeing the green-eyed devil. He was sitting cross-legged in front of me, looking all innocent, with his stupid smirk plastered on his face. His eyes continued to stare at me, never blinking—never moving, even as I burned daggers into his head.


“Answer me!”


Shit. Shutting my eyes, my hand immediately went to my back, groaning in pain. Did that stupid idiot really have to hit my back that hard? Feeling the nasty bump on my shoulder blade, I knew it was going to leave a mark. Letting out a loud breath of air, I cut my dark eyes at him.


“Stop sitting there, and answer my damn question!”


“Neal?” he finally spoke, laughing darkly. “You really want to know where he is?”


“Well no freaking duh!” I shouted back at him, about to lunge forward when I realized I couldn’t move an inch. Glancing down, my ankles were locked up in a metal clasp, as a long chain dangled over the bed, locking itself on the end of the bedpost. “If my feet weren’t chained up, I would so kick you right now,” I spat at him, angry as hell. I can’t believe he freaking ruined my night! I was so close to see 'A Pale Horse Named Death'! Out of all the nights he could’ve kidnapped me, it had to be this one?


He chuckled, the green hue in his irises softening afterwards. “Well, I had to tie some part of you up. Didn’t want you escaping on me when you woke up.” He winked, completely ignoring the situation we were in now, and how much I wanted to hit him.


“Stop avoiding the damn question!” I lashed out, slamming my hands against the white mattress, causing the bed to dip, as he continued to laugh stupidly in that deep pitch of his.


“You’re really dumb Mandy.” He rolled his eyes at me, finally shutting up that ridiculous laugh of his. “I can’t believe you haven’t figured it out already.”


I ignored the chills going through my spine when he said that name. “What?”


“Don’t you get it! My brother was never here,” he said, indicating to space around him. Even though the room was sort of dark, I could still make out the wooden walls, and the white animal rug on the floor.


“Impossible.” I shook my head. “You took him during Thanksgiving break! I know he’s here somewhere, so go get him!”


“You’re right,” he murmured, concluding what I knew already. “He’s somewhere in here.”


“That’s what I just said, dumbass. So go get him!”


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