Chapter 36

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"Oh my god, Dakota! You're finally awake!" I whisper-shouted when my mate's eyes started fluttering open. I jumped into his arms, well, more onto his body, and threw my arms around my neck, relieved that the chains holding me let me go this far.

"My fucking head hurts. Alessandra, your dad and Hattie ar-"

"I know about my dad, you're a bit late. But Hattie!! Oh come on, just when I was starting to actually kinda like the wo-bitch!" I ranted, quickly cutting myself when I saw him stare at me weirdly. "I was worried about you!" I kissed his soft lips quickly.

Man, I missed this.

"Not for long you won't. After you see this, you'd wish that you never saw or met him." Victor spat out, walking into the jail-dungeon place and pushing me away from my mate. "Hurry up, and start." He ordered, looking at my mum.

"I'm sorry Alessandra." She said it quietly before she closed her eyes and started chanting some weird shit.

I gasped in fright and shock when I saw and heard Dakota groan and bend his head back in pain.

"Stop it! Stop what you're doing!" I shouted at my mum, who didn't even falter. I tried moving towards her, but the chains yanked me back.

I looked back at Dakota, feeling defeated, and watched in wonder when I saw his eyes glow and his claws start to grow. But they didn't, they grew longer until he looked like fricking Wolverine!

"Now, do you still want him?" Victor asked gently, but creepily. He bent down towards me, my mum still saying the spell of whatever, and grabbed my cheeks.

I felt tear fall down my cheek, and I winced at how weak and pathetic I probably looked like.

Behind Victor was Levin who was staring at the scene in anger and wonder. As if he felt my dismay or felt my eyes staring at him, he turned to face me and his anger changed into sympathy. Towards me.

My eyes went back to Victor and I had only realised now, but he had a golden fleck in his right eyes, just like me. At that, I felt my anger and hate rise.

I wanted everything to be back to normal. I wanted my dad, the one who brought me up and taught me everything I had to know. I wanted to be back with my pack, back at our packland. I wanted to be with my friends, and my family. I wanted everything to be back to normal.

As my anger fuelled up, I felt a change in me and I sae Victor drop his hand from my face and try to move away. I blinked for just one second, and when I opened my eyes, I saw Victor being thrown into the wall and heard my mum stop her curse.

"What! That's impossible! The chains. But how!" Victor said, sitting up and wiping his bloody mouth with the back of his hand. He stared at me with wide eyes, and when I looked at my mum and Levin, they both had the same expression on their face.

Why did everyone know more about my species than I did!?

Victor stood up, staggering lightly, but my focus was on Dakota who was now leaning against the wall and panting hard, his claws long and his eyes glowing.

That's when a body came flying through the wall and crashed against the opposite wall, passing out instantly. I saw Victor duck down and saw everyone else shielding their faces.

"Missed me bitches." And their was my knight in a red hoodie and jeans. Austin.

I smiled hugely and laughed breathlessly, never had I been so relieved to see my best friend until now.

Behind Austin, I saw Liam and the prince. Ah, finally the help! I thought I was going to go even crazier, if that was possible, being locked up in here.

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