Chapter 14 - Yin & Yang

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"Oh my god," Zoey moans in pleasure.

"Babe, you gotta keep it down," Cole whispers.

"It's so good though."

"I know, but if you keep makin' those noises people are gonna get the wrong idea."

Zoey's eyes snap open, "Oh."

After a long argument about what restaurant to go to, we all finally decided on a place called The Sailing Trumpet. Zoey and I were put off by the name but the boys promised it was amazing. And it is. Zoey in particular was loving it.

"So Marnie, we have some good news," Cole says, wiping his hands with his napkin.


"Zoe, Isaac and I are having a threesome tonight. So you and Zeke are sleeping together."

"Dude," Isaac rolls his eyes, "What's actually happening is that i'm watching over them to make sure they don't have unprotected sex because i'll end up being the one who needs to look after the baby."

"We're not having unprotected sex. Or any sex," Zoey clarifies through a mouthful of spaghetti.

Cole waves his hand, "Yeah whatever. So anyway, you guys are having your first sleepover! Congrats."

"Actually, it's not our first," Zeke says.

"It's not?" Isaac asks.

"No, she stayed at mine after Cole's party."

"She slept in your bed?"

Zeke nods.

Cole drops his fork onto his plate and looks at Zeke.

"What?" I question as the two boys stare open-mouthed at us.

"Zeke never lets anyone in his bed," Isaac clears up.

"Don't make a big deal out of this," Zeke rolls his eyes.

"How can we not? Dude you make us fucking sleep on the floor when we're there," Isaac says.

"So you don't," I pause, "Do it... with girls in there?"

Zeke laughs and shakes his head, "No, my bed is precious. That happens at their house."

"Or in the school parking lot," Cole says while coughing.

"Thank God," I sigh, "I thought I was gonna get an STD."

Zeke screws up his face, "That wouldn't happen from touching my amazing bed."

"I touched you though."

"I'm clean," he scoffs.

"You sure about that? When's the last time you got tested?"

He thinks for a moment, "Last month."

I shake my head in disapproval and take a bite of my burger.


"You should probably get another test pretty soon."

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