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Two days later I was sitting in my room, staring at the uniform that was laid out on the end railing of the bed. It was a black collared shirt, ivory cardigan and black skirt, also with white tights and a pair of black converse.

It was my first day of school, at Forest Terminal High School. I wasn't excited about it, not in the least. In fact, you could say that I would rather jump off a cliff then go to school today. Not only was it a new school and the middle of the year, but the only people that went there were werewolves. The uniforms were apparently to differentiate between the three packs.

Yesterday John, Talia and I had gone shopping to buy clothes that I could wear when I wasn't in my uniform. Actually, it was more Talia and I shopping while John just paid for everything, and since he was an Alpha he got a discount of pretty much everything that we bought. I never had any of those perks, Kieran did, but I was the exception to the Alpha rule.

I knew I wasn't going to be alone at school, Zander would be there, but I was still nervous. Natalia and Josh were still in elementary school, so I was almost basically alone. Especially since Parker was going to be there as well.

With a sigh I stood up and walked into the bathroom. I wasn't exactly ready to get dressed yet so I jumped in the shower and waited for the water to warm up before I started to wash my body. Somehow the water always calmed my nerves and settled the rampage that went on inside of me.

When my fingers began to prune I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off with the towel and wrapped it around myself and walking back into my room and staring at the uniform again. I really didn't want to put it on, skirts never looked well on me and the cardigan was so boring and it was basically a blank canvas.

But I changed into the uniform anyways. Before I put on the shoes I had a brilliant idea. I rushed into the closet, which was giant and packed with all my new clothes. Talia and I had spent the time after we got back from shopping to organize my closet; it was organized by colour so it looked like a giant rainbow.

My shoes were in a separate cabinet that was specially designed for shoes. They were organized by style, such as heels were on one, sandals on another, sneakers, converse (yes, I have so many converse that they need their own section) and boots. There was also a sock drawer that was located at the base of the compartment, which was handy when I needed socks. But I wasn't allowed to have normal white or black socks, oh no. I have socks every colour of the rainbow, along with actual rainbow ones, ones with crazy patterns as well as multi-coloured prints.

Considering what my wardrobe was before, this was absolute bliss.

I opened my shoe cabinet and pulled out a pair of shin high dark pink converse with a paint splatter print on the lip and back seam. When I had seen these shoes in the store there was no question that I was getting them, it was a mandatory thing. I also had a pair of black ones the same style, but they were fairly boring.

I laces up the green laces on the shoes and walked towards to mirror hanging from the wall. All in all it didn't look too bad, and the shoes brought a splash of colour to the otherwise black and white outfit. The one thing missing was a little accessory. I smiled and ran towards the bag that I brought with me that contained the few precious belongings that I owned, minus my jewelry box and the one of the few pictures that I had from my childhood.

Kieran, Brettly and a few others had burned all the pictures that I was in years ago, on my tenth birthday. I was devastated, but they didn't know that I kept the pictures that I loved hidden from them in my underwear drawer where no one dared to look in fear of seeing something that they would never be able to unsee. The reason I left behind my jewelry box was because there wasn't anything I really wanted in it, but before I had every intention of bringing it with me, but when I found my mate I thought that it would be better for him to have it.

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