Chapter 37

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"You! I remember you." Victor growled out, his eyes black as he stared at Austin.

"I just have a beautiful face that no one can forget and everyone remembers. Even wannabe villains like you." Austin smirked back, although I could see the fear in his eyes, which were quite well hidden.

Victor stepped forward as to attack them, but that's when Dakota stepped in. Well, more like stepped in between.

Dakota's head was down but moved slowly up to connect eyes with Victor. I think everyone smelt the fear radiating off of Victor. Guess he wasn't that tough. Or looking at my mate in this form was scary, even I had to admit. His eyes were glowing, and his teeth were sharp along with his claws. He reminded me of the werewolves from Teen Wolf the movie and the series; minus the wild face hair.

Everyone watched as Dakota and Victor stood still for a moment before my mate punched him. That's when all hell broke loose.

I held in my gasp as more and more men came into the room. I didn't know who was on which side as I tried escaping from the chains, but I still watched on in fright. Fright for my friends and Dakota.

I closed my eyes and blanked everything out. The screams and cries of pain, the sounds of flesh hitting flesh, and I focused. I slowly started to move my hands in circles as far as I could and took a deep breath. I felt power surge through me and I heard a loud crank and click as I felt all the tight pressure release from my wrists. I laughed quietly and breathlessly before standing up and walking over to my mum, trying to avoid the fighting and avoid the aching pain in my legs.

I placed my hand on my mother's chains and soon enough those also broke. She grabbed my arm and pulled me close to whisper into my ear.

"Find your father. He's here somewhere. The one with the purple eyes is a clone. Cut them both and the one who heals faster is your dad. Don't confuse them two. Come back here and help. Don't die." She said hurriedly before getting up and going over to Levin.

I groaned quietly, but I had to save my father. I snuck over to the door, relieved that the fighting had moved away. Of course, that faded away when I realised that Dakota and Victor were right outside.

I punched and kicked a guard coming my way and pushed him away from me. I ran away, giving one quick glance at Dakota. He was strong so he could defend himself. At least that's what I thought.

I made my way through the corridors, passing many locked doors and fighting people. I figured that the ones in black were Victor's bitches and the one in red or white were Royal guards. Or anyone else that wanted to help.

I fought a few people on my way and used my senses to find my father. I found myself at a staircase, leading up and down. I debated it for a while before choosing to go down. Hopefully, that would be the correct way.

I came to another corridor and went through the first door, closing it quickly when I found it empty. I did find a nice vase on the table that I could use. Hmmm, if we all survived, we could all just steal the stuff. I had to admit, Victor had good taste.

I went through the second door and cried out in relief. "Dad!"

My excitement went away when I went further into the room and saw TWO of my dads. Both were tied up and sitting on a chair.

"Alessandra!" The one closest to me said, he was wearing a dirty red shirt.

"Um, wh-which one are you?" I know it was stupid, but saying stuff like that aloud helped me think more clearer.

"It's me. I'm your dad!" The one in a grey shirt said.

Damn, they were both convincing!

"Okay. What's my middle name?" I crossed my arms across my chest.

"Marianna." They both replied simultaneously. God, this was getting creepy.

Wait, what did my mother say again? Oh yeah, cut them both and see who heals the fastest.

Okay, I looked around the room trying to find something sharp. The entire room was empty.

I grabbed the chair which the grey shirted one sat on and yanked a leg from it, letting my 'dad' drop.

I grabbed the wooden leg and stabbed the red-shirt and then the grey-shirt.

They both cried out in pain and I tried not to cringe. I waited for a while but laughed crazily when grey-shirt started healing.

"Dad!" I shouted out, jumping onto his tied up body on the chair.

"You had to stab me to see if I was your dad. Wow, the trust." He said, rolling his eyes but smiling faintly.

"It is you!" I said excitedly, when I heard the familiar sarcasm.

"Are you sure about that?" The red-shirt said and I rolled my eyes before getting up and grabbing the wooden leg. I walked over to the man, enjoying the fear in his eyes.

I swung hard and stabbed him in the neck. "Urgh." I groaned quietly when his blood splattered onto my clothes and my cheeks.

"Well done Alessandra. Now, untie me sand hurry up. I haven't moved in two weeks!"

I rolled my eyes at my father's dramatics, but untied him anyway. Fear and excitement growing inside of me as the thought of actually fighting bad guys. We were so gonna win!

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