Chapter 21 - My stubborn Marnie

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The sweet girl goes running out of the library doors. The girl who would never hurt anyone. The girl who gets happiness from other people's happiness. The selfless, stubborn, overthinking, broken girl runs from the boy she put her trust in.

"Marnie! Please stop!" Mason runs after her, a short brunette girl appearing behind him.


I find myself rushing after him, watching him as he tries to catch up with Marnie.

If he touches her I will fucking-

He grabs her shoulder, spinning her around.


I grab the dickhead, slamming him against the wall, my hand around his neck.

"What the fuck did you do!" I yell, my voice louder and more vicious than i've ever heard it before.

Mason struggles for air under my grip as he pulls my hand, trying to loosen it. "Ze... Ke... I... Ca... Nt," he can't even speak. The dick could try harder.

"Zeke, stop it!" Marnie shouts, making me immediately let go of Mason and look at her.

Fuck, it's like i'm a dog and she's my fucking master.

Her eyes are glistening, and I can see how hard she's trying to hold back her tears. Let it out, baby. You don't need to be so strong.

"Marnie," Mason holds his throat, his voice is rough, "Please let me talk to you."

"I don't want to talk," she says with her shaky voice.

"Please-" I kick Mason in the balls before he can finish.

"Zeke, no, please don't hurt him," Marnie gushes, breathing heavily.

"Tell me what he did."

"Not until we go away from him."

"No, you will tell me what he did and I'll decide if I want to kill him or not."

"No, please don't."

"Why? He's hurt you and you still defend him?"

"It's not that. I don't want you to get in trouble again."

I let out a breath. She cares about me? She'd rather let this dickhead get away with what he's done just so I don't get in trouble?

Stupid, she is.

Mason stands up straight after recovering from his injury, but I knock him straight back down again with another kick in the balls. He groans in pain, falling onto his knees. Dickhead.

Marnie quickly grabs my arm, leading me down the corridor. "What did he do? Tell me what he did," I say when we walk far enough.

"It's nothing," she sniffles. I stop her from walking any further, making her look at me.

"Do not say that. Stop acting like the bad things that happen to you aren't a big deal."

"It's not! Other people have bigger problems in their life."

"Goddamnit, Marnie!" I run my hands through my hair, "What did he fucking do?"

"He was making out with that other girl!" She pauses, taking a deep breath, "Zeke, he..."

"He what?"

"Yesterday... I wouldn't let him..." Tears spill from her eyes and my pulse quickens.

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