Chapter ELEVEN

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Chapter ELEVEN


My face was burning as I opened the door to the rink. Tommy's fist hit the glass making me look up to see him waving excitedly. I shook my head, my lips dying to twitch into a smile. I'm losing control! I keep catching myself laughing and smiling at things I haven't laughed or smiled at in at least a year, probably more.

"Hey." Via laughed as she came up beside me. I nodded in her direction but I couldn't help but be surprised. Why was she talking to me? "Colin looks great on the ice, don't you think?" Her voice was in awe as she spoke of him, my throat felt tight as she waited for me to answer.

My eyes automatically flickered to Colin's which were already staring at us curiously. "I guess." I shrugged and continued into the stand. Via went to sit with her friends by the glass while I sat up as far as the bleachers would allow. My parents waved from their seats below, I waved back but I wasn't going to move down there with them.

The game started and Colin got the first goal, Via freaked out causing Colin to shake his head, probably with a smile on his face but I was too far away to see for sure. Near the end of the third period, just before I was about to leave Tommy scored. I jumped to my feet and clapped loudly with the crowd, Tommy waved up to me excitedly and I smiled brightly in return. I made my way down the stairs and walked out into the lobby.

As I waited for my brother, I did what I normally did. I read.

"Kat!" A voice squeaked excitedly. I closed my book just in time to see Olivia, Colin's sister, coming towards me. "I'm so happy to see you!"

"You too." I gave her my tiny smile which she liked.

"I might actually get to go to school soon!" She grinned brightly, "Well more like a homeschool group for other wolves." She laughed.

"That's awesome Liv." I agreed with her, "I'd still willing to come hang out with you if you want."

"Really?" She squealed, "Oh, Kat that would be the best! Come over tomorrow, Okay?"

I laughed quietly at her enthusiasm. "I'll have to check with my parents, but I don't see why not."

"You're the best!" She giggled, wrapping her small arms around me.

"Livy?" His cool voice was suddenly there. Colin was staring at us with confusion, his eyebrows raised.

"Colin, Kat's coming to hang out with me tomorrow. Isn't that great?" She smiled up at her brother with big doe like eyes.

"You are?" He asked me, he seemed genuinely curious.

"Yeah, she asked." I replied meeting his eyes for a fraction of a second before I looked away quickly.

"I asked and you said no." He told me, his tone taking on a hint of sadness. But that couldn't be right. Olivia was looking around the room excitedly but I wasn't sure if she was listening.

"I didn't say no." I whispered back, my eyes flickering back to his.

Colin shrugged, "We could hang out tomorrow." He suggested.

Olivia's head whipped around to glare at Colin, "She's hanging out with me tomorrow. Pick a different day."

"I've got her on Monday tho." Spencer laughed coming up behind both of them.

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