Chapter 21: In which I Sign

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"Where have you been my whole life?"

"Becoming the person you needed me to be"

-Amanda Torroni

-Amanda Torroni

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The silence held in the room for a long time. No one said a word as all eyes watched, waiting for Fayette to speak. She stared at the rich wood table in deep thought, not breaking her trance until she finally resurfaced and looked to Prince August.

He shifted slightly in his seat so that his whole body was pointed towards her, making known that his whole attention was invested in her next words. 

"Isn't this moving a little too fast?" Fayette asked as blue eyes penetrated black. 

The Queen leaned forward, including herself in, "Fast how dear?" 

Fayette felt terrified inside as the room listened and watched her. With the day she was having, her nerves were nearly shot. She clamped her hands in her lap, trying to hide from the prying eyes the shaking movement that they were making. However, Prince August's quick sight caught her actions. 

"It's just that..." Fayette took a deep breath, willing herself to be brave and hold out just a few hours more, "I don't know, I just was hoping to spend more time with Alto and get to know him. If I had the choice of all this happening from a bond versus real feelings I would choose it being real."

"Do you not think this is real?" Gavin whispered, his eyes glaring out gold. 

Fayette clutched her hands tighter, realizing her mistake all too late. 

"I'm just confused, you can understand that can't you? This whole scenario of being swept away so suddenly and having feelings on first sight already? Anyone would want to question it..." a new feeling of tension was building up within the room the more Fayette talked. 

Alpha Bruno looked at Fayette with wide eyes as if saying 'Do you want this Prince or not?'

Fayette turned to Alto. She wished he would speak more. She wanted to hear his voice of reassurance. But the truth was, Fayette couldn't think of anything that Alto knew about her besides her name and the horrible past that she had spilled. Based on that she was wondering why he wasn't the one doing the running. 

Sensing her unease, Prince August turned to Fayette and reached across the table. The King made a noise of protest in the back of his throat but did nothing to stop his son. Still extending his hand, he waited patiently for Fayette to take it. 

There was no hesitation in her movements. Even if she wanted answers from him- questioned still why he could be so attached to her or even accept her as his lifemate- she still could not deny the calmness that he brought her or the fact that even if she knew next to nothing about him, she still trusted him. 

The moment their hands made contact Fayette felt her nerves die away. She felt safe. 

She wished fleetingly, that he was on her side of the room, or that she was sitting in the empty chair next to him. 

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