Ch. 4

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Chapter 4


I couldn't keep the stupid grin off my face as I made my to class. I knew I was being cocky when I said that but when you have a whole bunch of people wanting to go out with you, you tend to get cocky.

To be honest, when I heard Angelo moaning my name, I was overjoyed. That meant that he liked me, in that way. If he didn't, he wouldn't have moaned as loudly and sexily as he did. You may ask why I was happy since I could get anyone I want but, even I, have had encounters with people who wanted nothing, absolutely nothing to do with my cock.

So now you know why.

I saw my friend, Warren, coming towards me with his usual scowl. That boy could make a well built, six foot, muscular man cower within seconds. He had this way with him. No wonder his boyfriend couldn't seem to get rid of him.

"Hey bro" I greeted only to receive not so much as a nod. I was used to it though. Warren didn't enjoy talking that much. He only did when it felt necessary and I didn't judge him for that. We had known each other since our diaper days and he's had my back more so often than not.

We walked side by side to our class since we took the same course, or perhaps, since he felt I would get into trouble without him watching my back. Sometimes I felt like he was the over bearing boyfriend, other times, the over protective brother. I preferred the latter, even though it cockblocked me many times. He's worth more than a silly lay..

"I got a roommate?" I blurted suddenly when we got to the auditorium. Students were shuffling to their seats. Our professor, Dr. Peprah was nowhere to be found.

"Did you apply for one?" He asked, amusement clear in his voice. I didn't blame him. After all, I'm the one who live for three years without a roommate. He must probably think I'm lonely.

"No, I didn't. I love my personal space".

"Right" he scoffed. "Then how come?" We made our way to the middle row. Somehow, we had managed to have those seats for a long time. Our assigned seats, if you may.

"He's a transfer student. Met him yesterday" I told him as we sat down. "We're having breakfast after class" I smirked.

"Like a date?" Warren cocked an eyebrow.

"Uh" I stammered. I was lost for words. I didn't really think about it until now. Was it a date? I haven't really been on one before. For me, it had always been useless one night stands. Not that it matters, because with Angelo, I felt like I wanted more than sex.

"So it's a date?" I could almost see the smirk playing at his lips when he asked that question even though he tried to look as uninterested as possible.

"It's not. You know I don't do dates" I assured him, more like I assured myself.

"You would have fucked him already though" he stated.

"True" I sighed. "I don't know, I feel like I should take it slow" I muttered, mostly to myself.

"Well its about time" he said and turned to the board making me roll my eyes.



This isn't happening. Why are they calling me now? When I left, I decided to break all ties with them until I was ready. And I am not ready, I don't think I ever will. And to think they chose today of all days to call me. I mean, I have a date for goodness sake.

The ringing of the phone didn't stop though so I knew I had to suck it up, and pick up the phone. Sighing, I answered it only to hear a frightening growl from the man I call father.

"Hey dad" I greeted, trying to sound at least cheerful.


I can't say I wasn't expecting it. "Calm down dad" I said timidly, which was the only thing I thought to say. Hell, I didn't know how he was going to take it, that his son flew six hours away just to get away from him. How was he going to feel?

"Calm down? You expect me to fucking calm down? You've been gone for two weeks. Two fucking weeks. We thought you were dead"

"Well, I'm not and---"

"Where are you? Are you with any pack? Did they do something to you baby? Cause if they did, I swear to fucking God, I'm gonna rip their hearts out and feed it to them one by one" he threatened and I sighed. The ever overprotecting father. What will I ever do without him.

"No dad. I'm not with any pack. Besides, I masked my scent like you thought me. Anyway i have to go" I said hurriedly, and without waiting for him to reply, I hung up.

Seriously, I moved away for a reason, and him of all people, should know.

Standing up from my bed, I made my way to my closet to get my bathroom supplies. It had been about an hour since Evan left for lectures, so that meant I had an hour to get ready for our date.

Or at least, I think it's a date.

It would be embarrassing though if it wasn't.

I hurriedly took my bath, without any encounters with other students, fortunately. It seemed everyone had left or something, but that wasn't my concern. My only priority at that moment was to find what to wear.

I'd never felt so self conscious about my attire before, and I didn't want to start now. Then again, this was Evan. My star crush. The only man I had ever thought of when masturbating, aside Chris Pratt, and Superman, but that's beside the point. I wanted to make a good impression. Whether this was a dare, or just roommates hanging out, I wanted to look my best. For him.

Having tried on about five different set of clothing, I finally decided on a blue button up shirt, beige shorts and Adidas footwear. Before I could make a few finishing touches to my hair, the door crept open and in walked the man of my dreams.



"Wow" Being breathless was understatement. I really couldn't think of what to say once I saw Angelo standing in front of my--- well, our dressing mirror, looking so cute in those tight shorts. Seriously, I think my mind went numb at the sight of him. The only image that played in my overly perverted mind was to hold him close and never let go.

He was looking really handsome no,beautiful. His hair had that messy but sexy look and his shirt was fitting in the right places. I dared not look at his ass because my lower member would have proudly shown his face, not that he didn't mind showing himself at that particular moment.

I was lost for words. Never in my life had I been so amazed. And to think I told myself that this wasn't a date. It was obvious that Angelo thought so, otherwise, why then would he be dressed to kill? But here was I, dressed in a skimpy T-shirt, ripped skinny jeans and normal boots.

This was definitely a date.

Angelo cleared his  throat which brought me out of my thoughts. Smiling as best as I could, I walked up to him, a bit boldly even though I was dreading this within. You see, I hadn't really been on a date before, and I really didn't know how it worked.

"You look, amazing" I breathed heavily once I reached him, my face only a few inches away from his. Holding his hands in mine, I couldn't help but look him in the eyes. His brown eyes staring right back, a hint of blue in them, weird, but sexy as fuck.

"Th-thanks" he stuttered, blushing a deep red. It was mesmerizing, seeing him like this. I wanted many moments like this, staring into his eyes, lovingly, no, scratch that.

Staring into his eyes.

Perhaps, I was getting ahead of myself, but this was too good to be true. And maybe I liked him a little too much.

And maybe, I was a little too scared.

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