Chapter 22: In which I Eat

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She wants a warrior lover....

with wild eyes, 

strong hands, 

and a poets heart. 

-N.R. Hart

I blinked my eyes slowly, un-sticking them from the long sleep

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I blinked my eyes slowly, un-sticking them from the long sleep. 

I felt like my whole time at the castle had been a dream. 

Like I had been transported elsewhere and someone else, watching from above, had taken over and narrated the events of my life in the past few days. 

I stayed on the bed looking up at the ceiling for several more minutes. Slowly, so I wouldn't miss a thing, I retraced my journey from my Pack to the castle. From the castle to Alto. 

The details of the Ceremony and the meeting all came back to me and I felt a sharp intake of breath being pulled from my teeth. 

Rising quickly enough to make my head spin, I looked around frantically at the room I was in. It was too big. Not the same one I had occupied the month I had worked on at the Ceremony. 

Panic seeped in me as my hands curled into a fist around the sheets. Until the details came flooding back in.

This was my room. Wasn't it? 

I thought back to the hazy memory of the Queen showing me it and saying something how I needed a room fit for my status now. I remember I protested. I remember Lizzy and Jane were...

My eyes widened and I pushed myself roughly out of the bed, letting my feet touch the cold glossy wooden floor. I ran to the wall that was on the other side of the bed, one that was far too large, and shoved the door open. 

There they were. The room was significantly smaller than mine, as were the beds, but they still seemed cozy and warm as they were sound asleep still. Though there were two beds, sometime in the night one or the other must have crawled in for comfort as Lizzy and Jane were curled together, nestled in one bed. 

Walking slowly over, I raised the covers and allowed myself access in. Jane sleepily muttered a few words as she raised her arm, letting me snuggle there in her chest. 

The room was silent as I listened to their breathing. 

I felt tears begin to form in my eyes. Hurriedly I wiped them away. But the thoughts in my head seemed to overwhelm any self-control I had over myself. 

They stayed. They stayed with me. 

I never knew how great their love was for me. They left their pack. Our pack. 

Alpha Bruno signed three papers yesterday before he left. Though mine was permanent, Jane and Lizzy both were now part of a contract to work for the King's Black Dawn Pack for as long as I permitted them to. I hope they didn't mind forever. 

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