Ch. 5

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*delicious breakfast 😋*

Chapter 5.


Evan took my hand in his as we made our way out if the dorm rooms. Leaving our key at the Porter's lodge, well, Evan's key, I have trust issues. Anyway, after we left our key there, he walked me to the car park. I wanted to drive but since he kinda asked me out, it was best if he did. I thought we were going to the Starbucks opposite the school, or the corner, or the other corner but it seemed Evan had other ideas. Not that I minded. I was perfectly okay with whatever he picked.

Okay, so I thought I was going to sit in a car but no, since the goddess hated me so much. It was a motorcycle. Not having been on one before, I was a bit apprehensive, but Evan soothed me by squeezing my have softly and telling me it would be okay.

Of course it would be okay. I had done worst things before. Even run with them so compared to that, a motorcycle was child's play. Evan handed me a blue helmet, chuckling as he did because he thought it matched my outfit. It was cute that he thought so. Sighing under my breath, I placed in on my head.

I might have gotten it wrong, being a clumsy little human, but what could I say? I was new to this. We never had to use helmets. Anyway, Evan was sweet enough and helped strap it on for me. After kissing the top of my head making me blush. It was weird, how he made me feel. A good weird.

"Hold on tight" he said to me once I got in behind him. Wrapping my arms around his torso, I held on as tightly as I possibly could, as if my life depended on it. Well, technically, my life did depend on it.

"I know a great breakfast bar  on sixth street" he suggested.

"You want to ride all the way to sixth street for breakfast? We can always go to Starbucks" I stated, rolling my eyes. I mean, sixth street was a long way from here.

"I'm taking you out, my treat okay?" I could imagine the smirk on his face as he said that. "Trust me, you'll love it".

With that, he took off with so much speed that made me want to scream but I couldn't find it in me to do so. If he wanted to go to Manhattan, who I was I to say no? Besides, I hadn't been there before so in a way, it would be some sort of a sightseeing for me. Thank God I had no lectures.

When we got there, he helped me get off my helmet after I got off the motorcycle. Luckily there were no injuries. I felt guilty for not trusting him enough, but it was my first time so I didn't know what to except. A motorcycle is totally different from my dad's back, back at home.

I walked in after him and although he didn't take my hand, I was okay. Okay maybe I felt weird but it was nothing right? Right?

The diner was, um, cute. It had these little orange tables and chairs one side, and the booths were on the other side. It was okay. A waiter met us and Evan asked for a Booth. I liked the idea of a booth, but instead of sliding in next to him as they do, I sat in front of him.

It was awkward at first cause we just sat there, smiling awkwardly at each other. The waitress came with our menus and asked if we wanted any drinks to start with it. I asked for tea whiles Evan asked for coffee. I don't know what is wrong with me but I've never really liked the bitter taste of coffee. Turns out, it's Evan's favorite beverage.

"So, what do you think? About the diner?" He asked, smiling at me "America in general".

"I think the diner is cute. It has a homey feeling" I chuckled. "And I haven't really been everywhere in America. Just Los Angeles"

"That's okay. There's nothing to see anyway" he chuckled. "You like it here though or? What made you transfer colleges?"

"Well, I lived in London all my life so I kind of just decided to move" I tell him. It's partly true. I did want to move but not necessarily because I lived in London all my life. He nodded making me sigh in relief. "So what about you? Have you lived here all your life?"

"Yeah, basically born and bread. I went to Paris last Christmas though, with my dad. I was actually planning on visiting London this Christmas".

"Well you'll love it" I was about to tell him all about the cool places he could visit but the waitress came back for our orders making me shut up. I was glad to hear that he wanted to go to London. If we remained friends till Christmas, I could probably show him around. But that would mean going back and frankly, I wasn't planning on going home.

That place was no longer a home for me. When our orders came, I practically dug in since I was starving. I had pancakes and waffles with chocolate syrup and eggs on the side. I also had orange juice. Evan ordered pancakes and waffles too but with French toast and strawberries. Okay, maybe I was jealous of his strawberries because they looked so delicious and mouth watering. He seemed to be enjoying them.

"Hey, can I have one of your strawberries?" I asked, a blush coating my cheek. I cursed my mouth for asking a question I hadn't fully processed in my mind yet.

"What? No way" he smirked at me.

"Don't be a meanie" I pouted, giving him the puppy dog eyes and I could see he was already melting.

"Only if I can feed it to you" he said, his smirk growing even wider.

To be honest, that had my lower member twitching in my shorts making me lick my lips. There were a whole lot of things we could do with strawberries that were dripping wet in chocolate syrup.

Nodding my head, I opened my mouth slightly and he fed it to me, whiles looking me straight in the eyes. I could feel the sexual tension building up as he stared at me intensely, his finger lingering on my lips. I licked them slowly making him pull back and look down but the serious blush on his face was not hidden.

Then my phone rang. Way to ruin the moment. Sighing, I picked it up and looked at the caller ID. I was contemplating on whether to answer it or just sending it to voicemail.

"Aren't you gonna take that?" Evan asked making me sigh.

"Just a sec" I said to him as I hit the receive button. "Hello dad".



The date with Angelo was going a lot better than I actually expected it to. Angelo was really great at keeping the conversation going. Frankly, I had no idea what to say to him. I hadn't done this before. Normally it was just meet, buy them a drink, take them to my room and fuck their brains out... Or just meet, and you know what happens next.

I didn't know how to feel about this. I was really enjoying it. Well, until he got a call from his dad. Or so, I wasn't really sure. He went somewhere to take the call. I didn't notice because I was totally thinking about the sexual tension that was going on between us just a few minutes before.

But looking at the time, it seemed he kept more than just a second. Well, more than ten minutes actually. I wondered what it was that kept him from keeping so long. Maybe it was important so I just let it go and waited a while.

My food was done and I was still waiting for Angelo to get back.

"Can I get you anything or you're ready to go?" Caroline, the waitress asked.

"Um, I'll have a glass of apple juice" i said, hoping it would keep me busy till Angelo got back.

I was wrong.

I was done with it and he was still not back. Did he leave already? I wondered. Well he could have. The dorm was about thirty minutes away from here by walking so if he left, he was probably there already.

Yeah, he was gone. Why was he not back yet. Did I suck so much? My insecurities were washing all over me and I started to panic. I kept thinking that I might have been really bad at this date. Maybe he didn't even like me.

The possibilities were endless. We just met, he heard me having sex with someone last night, he saw me kissing someone last night, and I asked him out this morning. He probably thought I was a whore. And he wasn't wrong. Hell, maybe he didn't even like me.

Sighing, I placed fifty bucks on the table and left the diner, got on my motorcycle and drove back to the dorm, all the whole thinking about how bad of a boyfriend I'd be if he even gave me a chance. I didn't blame him, i just blamed myself.

I knew this was too good to be true.

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