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"Alessandra, get up."

I murmured loudly and turned my head the other way, pushing my face into my soft pillow. I pulled the blankets further and close to my body, snuggling into them.

"Babe, it's already noon, I think this is enough sleep." The voice I had heard for ten years spoke.

I felt hands on my shoulders and I was suddenly being moved forward, the blankets being pulled off of me and leaving me cold.

"No!" I groaned, opening my eyes and struggling to sit up.

"Yes. They've been asking for you." Dakota mentioned gently, his head coming down to kiss my neck whilst one of his hands rubbed circles on my stomach. Well more like the big bump.

"We're still tired!" I whined, letting my head fall back on the pillow. I kept my eyes open and watched as Dakota hovered over me, his right arm holding him up.

"Really? Because this baby is definitely awake." He mused out amusedly, placing his left palm flat on my big stomach and feeling the hard kicks.

I winced slightly at the pain and placed my hand over Dakota's, closing my eyes.

I felt Dakota's hand retreat, but I still kept mine there. I was suddenly overwhelmed with Dakota's scent as both his hands came to rest by my head and his lips landed on mine roughly.

I responded immediately, my lips moving with his and my arms wrapping around his neck. Dakota's hands went down to my chest and squeezed, making me whimper.

His hands went down, lifting the nightgown up till just below my breasts and showing my big bump. He gave it a quick possession kiss, before he yanked down my panties and started eating me out like a man who hadn't eaten in years.

I moaned and whimpered, my hands pulling on his dark hair harshly, not caring if I wad hurting him or not. I probably was because he pulled my hands off and pinned them to the bed, letting out a small growl.

He pulled his face away and I cried out in desperation. "Why! I was so close!"

I looked at Dakota with hooded eyes and licked my lips when he ripped of his shirt and pulled down his pants, his big cock sticking up straight away. Our eyes watched each other erotically, as his hand rubbed up and down on his dick whilst mine was rubbing my clit.

"Dakota, please." I begged quietly, and only a moment later, I felt him pound into me, making me scream and slam my hips up to meet his.

He was careful of my bump, his hands gripping onto my waist as he knelt by me, his hips grinding into mine. He pulled my hips up, connecting his better with my pussy and he went even faster.

"I love you baby." He groaned out, his black eyes staring into my own. I just screamed in response.

That's when the knocks started, little hands banging on our bedroom door.

"Mummy! Daddy! What are you doing? You promised us that you'll play with us!"

Dakota let out a loud growl of annoyance, the banging and scream stopping for a two seconds before carrying on again.

"D-dakota, pull out." I stuttered out, my lust decreasing as he stopped moving and the voices only screamed louder.

Dakota stared into my eyes for a moment before pulling out and letting my hips drop onto the bed. He clambered off the bed, grabbing his pants and pulling them up.

"Fucking retarded kids." He muttered out angrily, helping me pull the nightdress back down and my wet panties up.

"Hey! Don't talk about my kids like that." I snapped, pulling myself from his grasp and standing up by myself, ignoring the sharp pain.

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