Ch. 6

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Chapter 6.


I understand perfectly well why he did that. I'm a player, I love having sex so much that I'd cheat on him. Not that I ever thought of doing that but it's understandable that he would think that. Dating me is like a no go area, he doesn't deserve me. He deserves someone better.

When I got to my room, my face drained from all the emotions. I panicked. Really. Angelo wasn't there. And if he wasn't, that probably meant I left him at a the diner. God! I'm terrible. He probably hated me now and whatever chance I had with him just flew out of the window.

Running as fast I could, I got on my bike and sped back to the diner with hopes that someway, somehow he would still be making that call of his.



My father kept shouting at me over the phone and as much as I tried, I couldn't get him to stay calm. I entered the bathroom as fast as I could and into one of the stalls. I couldn't here to have someone listening in on my phone call. Closing the toilet seat, I sat on it and closed the door.

Daddy went on and on about how much he missed me, how much everyone missed me and why I should come back home. I thought he was just trying to make me feel guilty for leaving but he didn't know the reason why I left. He didn't know what they did to me, he didn't know how bad and useless all of them made me feel. My mom would probably understand but she's way more important to them than me.

I didn't blame my dad though. He was just doing what he thought was right. If only he listened to me. Listening to someone was not something he was used to. Normally, whatever he said was final and no one was allowed to talk back.. Well, except the beta, but even he had his limits. Dad was the biggest and strongest of them all and everyone had to listen to him.

"Angel, are you listening to me?"

"I'm sorry dad, what we're you saying?" I heard him release a deep sigh which meant he was getting frustrated. It wasn't my fault that I zoned out. He talked too much anyway.

"Your brother, he had a terrible accident".

"Was it fatal? Did he lose a lot of a blood? What did the doctors say?" I asked all the right questions that I knew I should ask. They we're probably worrying for no reason. Sometimes, my family were such worry warts. I mean, if he had an accident, he should be fine by now. Unless if meant...

"It wasn't a car accident, nor was it an accident in the house. He was attacked. We were attacked. He tried to help even when I told him to stay back and got himself shot. I didn't know they had new weapons. I didn't know. If I knew, I would have kept everyone safe" dad cried.

"Oh my God" I whispered. This wasn't good. An attack on the whole pack? That wasn't something that happened very often unless they wanted something. Or perhaps, they just wanted to piss dad off.

"I need you here Angel. We need you here".

No. Just because they were attacked wasn't a good reason for me to go back when I had promised myself that I wouldn't. I came here to find myself and I wasn't going to crawl back into the arms of my family just because they asked. I loved my dad. I loved my mom, my brother, everyone... But what they did to me hurt me really bad.

I was really torn at this moment. They would call me out for turning my back on them when they needed me and honestly, I wouldn't be able to handle it. Also, if I did go back, who is to say that they would treat me better than they did before, or perhaps worse.

"Angel? Are you there?"

"Yeah, I'm still here. Um, I'll think about it" I told him.

"You'll think about it? Angelo. Your brother is dying. Your mother is worried sick about you. Everyone is scared. And you're telling me you'll think about it? What if something happens to you over there?"

"Daddy, I love you very much but I need time. Tell mom that I love her too, and I hope Roger gets well soon"


"I love you dad".

Cutting the call, I took a piece of the toilet paper and wiped my eyes with it. He was disappointed in me. I hurt my dad. My tears kept rolling down my cheeks as I thought about what a bad son I was. I was being selfish. They needed me there with them, to help them go through it all, and here I was sitting in a bathroom stall, balling my eyes out.

I'm so pathetic.

Sighing, I dried up my tears and went to leave the bathroom. When I got back to the main hall of the finer, Evan was nowhere to be found. He was probably in the bathroom too. Oh my God. What if he heard the conversation? What if he heard me crying? Then he'll ask a lot of questions. Oh no.

I walked quickly back to our table trying to stay calm but I was shocked when I saw that the table had been cleared. Did he leave?

I turned and walked to the counter to ask the waitress where Evan was and she told me that he left about ten minutes ago. Great. Not only did he leave me here, he left me to walk all the way back to school.

I didn't think Evan would do that. This was so disrespectful. I mean I knew we were not dating but at least, he should have had some decency to tell it to my face that he didn't like me and save me the embarrassment of having to ask a total stranger. This was worse than being stood up.

I felt so pathetic more than I already was. My family was disappointed in me and the person that I liked, who happened to be my roommate left me in a diner. Was I really that bad?

Maybe he didn't like the fact that I masturbated in his presence and this was his way of telling me that I shouldn't have done that.

Maybe this was the Goddess's way of telling me that I had to go back home, and that America wasn't for me.

It was settled then. I tried to pay for the meal but I was told he had already paid. That even hurt my ego more. So with my head hung low in shame, I walked out of the diner and made my way to school, thinking about getting ready to go home.

I should have probably just dealt with the abuse and stayed home instead of coming all the way to America.

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