Ch. 8

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Angelo looked really angry which was way more noticeable than how hot he looked with a towel wrapped around his waist. As much as I wanted to take him there and then, I wanted to wipe that scowl off his face and make things right.

I must have zoned out, thinking about all the things I could do to him in the privacy of our room because I almost jumped when he cleared his throat, bringing me out of my overly perverted thoughts.

"Hi.. Um" I waved awkwardly. What? Hi? Um? That was all I could come up with? Now, usually I'm this sweet talking guy who knows the exact words to get guys and girls melting at my feet and begging me to take them to bed, but now, I was fumbling with words? What was this world coming to?

And that awkward wave? Where the hell did that come from? I don't do awkward. I never did awkward. Angelo didn't say anything though and honestly, it made me self conscious more than I was already was, which was rare.

It wasn't even noon and I was going through an emotional spin off. What did this boy do to me? I've known him for like a day and a half and all of a sudden he's just making me do stupid and awkward things. I mean that date? I didn't even do dates. But with him, I just went right ahead and asked him out without even thinking about it. The cheek of it.
"You're kind of in my way" he finally said, glaring at me.

I wasn't bothered. "And you're kind of pissing me off". Yes, he was.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me!"

"Dude, you're literally standing in my way, wasting my time. If you didn't know, I have somewhere to be" he stated, sounding bored.

"Oh, now you have somewhere to be? You could have told me that before agreeing to have breakfast with me".

"I never actually agreed to go out with you".

He did agree, didn't he? Or was I hallucinating when i saw him nod? He must be joking. "You could have said that before hoping onto a bike with the guy who asked you out!"

"If you didn't leave me there, I wouldn't have made new plans".

"If you didn't spend too much time on that useless call of yours, maybe I wouldn't have you left you there!"

He glared at me once I said that but behind that scary scowl on his face, I could see the hurt in his eyes. I struck a cord. I knew it and somehow, I hoped it was just my mind playing tricks on me. Normally, I never cared if I hurt someone because I didn't know what it was. Seeing that look in Angelo's eyes actually made me feel like going on my knees and begging for his forgiveness.

"Useless?" He whispered, his lower lip trembling. "You thought it was useless?" Wells of tears were already forming in his eyes making me hate myself for saying that to him.

I swear I didn't mean it. I wasn't thinking. But I couldn't find the strength to open my mouth and tell him.

"Angelo, I.. "

"Useless? My brother almost died and you're telling me it was useless?"

"I- I'm very sorry" I tried.

"Don't even!" He hissed, pushing me backwards.

I stumbled, as I was taken aback at the hurt and anger in his voice. I couldn't find it in myself to tell him the main reason why. Here I was, arguing with him when in actuality, it had all been my fault.

"Why don't you go ahead and tell me that you don't even like me and stop leading me on. You don't even know me, so save me the embarrassment of having to wait for you in a diner when you'd already left" he stated and began to walk off. "Freak".



Useless. He had the audacity to call it useless. Roger almost died, and as much as I don't like my family, it hurts that I'm not there to help them go through this.

Before Evan got here, I was going to take a shower. I had planned to give myself a tour of the campus since I didn't know anywhere and he just had to come and make me sad. I couldn't stop the tears that threatened to fall from my eyes, but I could stop him from seeing me when I looked so vulnerable.

I already felt bad that I wasn't there for my family when they needed me. The guilt alone was eating me up, not to talk of the disappointment in my father's voice when I didn't give him an answer. I hated myself so much at this moment. My stomach decided to rumble.

No. I wasn't hungry. I guess it was a little tummy upset cause I needed to take a shit. Hurrying to the toilets, I went into one of stalls but unfortunately, someone beat me to it.

"Dude" I grumbled.

"What?" He turned, glaring at me whiles whipping his dick out. I guess he wanted to pee but that didn't leave me breathless. What actually did was the fact that he had no shame and was virtually naked in front of me. I mean, I know we were all guys but his dick was out and staring at me. Not only that, it was really big...probably, four inches and he wasn't even hard.

The first thing I noticed as I looked at him from head to toe was his hair. Okay fine, the first I noticed was his dick, but seriously, his hair was red. Bright red contrasting his sky blue eyes. He had a nose ring as well as a lip ring. He was so fucking cute.

"Dude, are you just gonna stare at me whiles I pee or something?"

"Oh uh" I could feel the blush already forming on my face. He was so hot. Even his voice was breath taking and I didn't feel that way because I saw his dick. I was really embarrassed that I was ogling him.

"I'm sorry. I just really needed to take a shut and you're kind of in my way" I rushed out.

"Oh shit. Sorry man" he chuckled but it sounded forced. However, he quickly got out of my way, tucking himself in and motioned me into the stall whiles blushing all shades of red.

I couldn't help the smile that tucked at my lips.

I made a cute guy blush.

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