Chapter 17

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  I sprinted through the clumps of people crowding around in the subway, trying to catch up to my estranged best friend. I'll admit it had been a little weird, going so long without talking to Taelor, and I really did miss her. And besides, she'd been totally right. She sometimes was, even more so when it came to guys. 

 Damn. It was time for some serious groveling. 

"Taelor!" I gasped out, clutching at her forearm when I finally caught up to her.

 She stopped midstep and whipped around to glare at me, a murderous look on her face. I would've been completely freaked out if she didn't look just the slightest bit ridiculous, all angry and pissed off when she was dressed in her totally glamerous designer clothes. 

 "Well?" Taelor practically hissed, her eyes narrowed. 

 "You were right," I panted, trying to catch my breath. "You were totally right."

 Taelor frowned, momentarily distracted. "What do you mean?"

"I like Archer," I blurted out. "I like Archer a lot." 

 She stood there with a completely baffled look on her face for several moments, long enough for me to think something was going wrong with her thought processing. But then she surprised me beyond belief when a huge smile broke out across her face and she clutched at my shoulders with a squeal, giving me a little shake. 

 "I so knew it!" she shouted, making me wince. "I so knew you had a thing for him!" 

My face turned a little red against my will and I scowled, looking away from her in embarrassment. "Okay...well, you were right." 

  Taelor smirked, looking insanely smug. "Of course I am. I'm totally right about everything all the time." 

I fought back a snort. Right. Okay. 

 We shuffled onto the train, lucky enough to actually snag seats towards the back and not have to stand up. I clutched my school bag to my chest while the train took off, just the slightest bit nervous. Taelor had this look on her face that would've given the Cheshire cat a run for its money, and I knew this couldn't be good at all. 


I glanced over at Taelor, biting my lip. "What?" 

 Taelor stared at me me in an are-you-really-as-stupid-as-you-seem-right-now way. "Don't just what me! How can you drop a bombshell like that and expect me not to ask for details?"

 I blew out a sigh, rolling my eyes. Clearly that was a mistake on my part.

 "Well..." I trailed off. "What exactly do you want to know?"

Taelor gave me an shove, making me knock into the surly looking woman beside me. I quickly apologized to the now scowling woman before glaring over at Taelor. She didn't look phased in the slightest.

 "What?" she said innocently, shrugging a shoulder. 

I rolled my eyes again with a scoff. "Nice, Taelor."

 "Well!" she squeaked again, shaking my shoulder. "Tell me! Does he like you? Does he know you like him?"

 I thought about that for a moment, and then my face burned bright red. I decided not to answer that question. Unfortunately, that told Taelor more than she needed to know. 

 "Oh my god!" she squealed. "He so likes you!"

 "You don't even know him, Taelor," I laughed without thinking. "So you couldn't possibly tell whether or not he likes me. He's honestly the most confusing person I've ever met." 

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