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I was impulsive and stupid. I kept chanting that sentence as I sat in the back of the cab that was speeding down the streets of north Atlanta. On a whim, I snuck out in the middle of the night and caught a red eye. I couldn't sleep without lightening the burden I was under. Zion would be pissed when he woke up and saw that I had left.

The sun was up and shining bright since it was already nine in the morning. The familiar scenery didn't feel like home anymore. I couldn't even look in my phone because it was a quagmire of negative comments. The driver pulled up to my old apartment complex that had trees in full bloom. I got out and walked to the door giving it a knock. No one answered until I knocked again.

"I was coming damn," Caspian said as her opened the door wafting the scent of weed into my nose.

"Hey," I smiled. He recognized who I was and pulled me into a hug. The apartment smelled like cookies. It was a brotherly hug that made me feel bad for not talking to this part of my family as much as I should have been.

"Wassup, why you dropped by without telling me you were coming," he asked me as he pulled away from the hug.

"Sorry it was a spur-of-the-moment type of thing," I told him looking around at the house that was almost exactly like it had been when I left.

"Hey everyone Cyprus is here," Caspian said loudly, making me flinch and cover my ears. Nala rushed out wearing only a robe I had left. I noticed that Caspian was wearing nothing but boxers for the first time and put the pieces together. Stepping back, I gave Nala a knowing look.

"When did you get into town?" Joelle said coming from her room with Sonny trailing behind. She was practically glowing. I hugged them all and looked around.

"Where's Eon?"

"He got a place not too far away. I'll call him," Sonny said, he left the room. I looked around and caught up with my friends. There was only so much bonding you could do through the phone. I was glad to know what they were all doing well. We ended up sitting and just talking with each other.

"What took you so long?" Eon had finally made it over.

"Sorry was playing a game," he said not having seen me yet.

"So I'm less important than the game, I leave for a few months and that's how you do me," I said fake hurt. He looked at me and smiled before he ran over and gave me a hug.

"Why are you here? And don't say it's for a fun visit since you would have called beforehand," Nala said.

"Well, things have gotten chaotic as you all know. I came back to confront my dad." They remained quiet.

"All right so what do you need from us?" Joelle shifted.

"I just need you guys there to make sure my dad or Kenya do nothing stupid," I said.

"All right well, let's get it done then," Caspian said, walking into Nala's room. Before I knew it, everyone was moving around Joella pulled me to the side and made me tea and we sat in silence while everyone moved about. I loved how ready they still were to defend me; they had always been true friends to me.

"Pregnant?" She smiled and nodded but put her finger to her mouth. Her free hand grabbed at my left and played with the ring.

"Congratulations," she said. I put my finger to my mouth. I was not ready to tell everyone yet. That was for after what I was about to do.

"Let's go," Eon said with his keys in hand.

"All right," I said getting up. I smiled and left out with my chosen family to Eon's car. We all got into his SUV and he pulled off to my father's house. We listened to music while I tried to distract myself.

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