Chapter 1

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"Dinah, I'll be fine." I chuckled. "There's no need to worry. I just need a change in scenery." I sighed as I put my bags down on the street next to me. We were now waiting for the cab to get here. My old roommate stood by my side as a saddening feeling took over the both of us. Earning a new start in a whole new state was certainly nerve wracking. I didn't know anyone, I didn't know what I was getting myself into but there was still that underlying excitement that ran through my veins.

"That doesn't mean leaving your best friend behind, though." She pouted. I gave her a lopsided smile before bringing her into a hug. By now the taxi was here and Dinah helped me put my bags into the back. My heart started beating faster knowing that this was finally it. I was throwing myself into something and I honestly didn't know what was going to happen. It could either be the best decision of my life, or the worst.

"I'll be sure to keep you updated." I said. When we were done putting my bags in the back we closed it and stood in front of each other. I pulled her in for another quick hug before she spoke up. The taxi driver who was once helping us put my stuff in the trunk made his way to the driver's side where he took his spot once more, waiting for me to get in so he could do his job. I knew my flight was leaving soon so there was a part of me that wanted to get this conversation going and over with.

"Why Nevada though? Like I just don't understand that part. There's nothing there." I shrugged in response to Dinah's question. I honestly didn't know why I picked Nevada, it just spiked my interest for several different reasons. There was just so much that was still undiscovered and I wanted to be the one to change something even though I was still scared shitless over the whole process.

"I'm going to be late. I promise to text you when I get there." I gave Dinah a wave as I slid into the taxi seat. She waved back but cupped her mouth with her hands. "You better call me, bitch!" She shouted. I chuckled to myself once the taxi started moving, leaving behind my best friend and the only home I've ever known. I did one of those cliche movie scenes where the girl looks out the back window as the car gets farther and farther away. I waved at Dinah one last time so she could return it before she disappeared from my sight. With a happy sigh, I turned to face the front of the cab which was on its way to the airport. I became nervous at starting a new life.

Miami was the only thing I knew and to go into a completely different place is kind of nerve wracking. I somewhat calmed down when I realized that I was doing this for a good reason, for a new direction in my career even though I was doing the same thing. This is what I wanted so it's what I'm getting. It was for the better. The taxi soon came to a stop in the unloading area of the airport. The driver helped me take my bags out of the back before I paid him. I stood in front of the airport for a while before leaving to check my bags in. Then I had to go through the process of security check and all that. When that was done I found my gate number and went to go sit down. There was only like fifteen minutes until boarding began so I got here on good time.

Since it was an eight hour flight I made sure I stocked up on food and drinks in that short time before the plane would be here. I got some Starbucks and got back to my gate just in time for boarding. They had us line up in order to take our tickets. It took forever to get on the plane and I knew that it would take like three times longer to get everyone else on since I was among the first to get on.

As I waited for us to takeoff, I got my headphones in my ears so I could play music off of my phone. Thankfully it wasn't a full flight so no one had to sit next to me. I watched out the window once we started moving some time later, zoning out on the flight attendants as they went through their normal procedure of stating exits and everything.

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