Ch. 9

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Chapter 9.

Although my mind had been captivated by Evan, I couldn't get the lesser portion of it off the cute guy from earlier. You know how weird it is when you think about someone whiles on the toilet? Well, that's exactly how I felt. Fortunately, my thoughts weren't exactly sexual. If they were, it would have been a whole new adventure in the bathroom stall.

I should have felt bad about it, but I didn't. After I was done with my business, I took my bathroom supplies and went into one of the shower stalls. The water was warm which was perfect. I wanted to wash down a bit because I was feeling so down earlier. And by earlier, I meant after I got back from the Diner. The phone call with my father coupled with the fact that Evan didn't like me had me feeling dump.

So I just wanted to let a good shower do its work. Then he had to come and fight with me. I'd only been in the school for a day and my roommate and I were already acting married couples. It angered me to no end. And that he had the audacity to call my family useless. Who did he think he was?

At the moment, I made up my mind to never speak to him again. A lot of you may say that it was a fool's dream, wish or whatever you call it. Some of you may even say that I was an idiot. But ignoring someone was one of my specialities. It was a talent of mine. I ignored my family for about two years and they didn't even realize until just two weeks ago, when I left the country.

Isn't it weird?

Anyway, I spent about ten minutes in the shower before finally turning it off. I don't like drying myself in the bathroom. It makes me itchy and that's even worse than not taking a bath. Wrapping my towel around my waist, with water still dripping from my hair and body, I went back into the room.



No, seriously. What was wrong with me? What the duck was wrong with me? I managed to spoil what could come of a good relationship in just a matter of seconds. It's like I didn't even try. I wanted us to talk things out. I wanted to explain to him why I had left but my stupid mouth thought it knew better. Fuck me!

I am such an asshole. It's no wonder I've never been in a relationship before. No one wants me. I can't imagine how Angelo will be feeling right now. He must be so devastated, wait. Frustrated? Look, I'm sorry. I don't do well with other people's emotions because I've never actually cared. I don't know how Angelo feels about what I did because I haven't been in his position before. But from the look on his face, I could guess that he was pretty mad.

It's like I want to up to him and really apologize for my outburst which was totally uncalled for. But also, I'm a bit afraid that he would just know, like he did.

As you all know, the plan was to talk things out but I managed to Fuck it up. Now, I really didn't know what to do again. I was sitting on my bed, mz elbows resting on my thighs and my face in my hands, suddenly frustrated about everything that was going on. Hearing the  door open, I looked up to see him come in, dripping wet from the shower I guess and with his towel wrapped around his waist.

Whiles Angelo ignored my total existence, my eyes raked down his back taking in all of his features. He had really nice muscles for such a lean boy. He had dimples at the bottom of his spine. Seriously, I loved that in a man. (AN: Guilty!) His ass looked really plump which made me want to hold them and ravish them with my tongue. Fuck! This is not the time for thoughts like these.

I guess I groaned out loud because he turned to look at me weirdly before going back to picking out his clothes. I wondered were he was going. He didn't know anywhere on campus and I'm sure his classes didn't start until Monday. He had a full week for registering of courses and all that crap. So where was he going?

I couldn't take my eyes off him as he bent down to tie his shoes. Gosh! Angelo had little Evan twitching with every movement. I felt like he was giving me a show, perhaps trying to tell me what I was missing out on and I was dreading it. Why did be have to be so cute. Why did he have to be so perfect. Why? Why did I have to have a stupid crush on him?!



Life never gives you what you want. It always throws what you can't handle at you but then you have to fight to get through it. Someone once told me that life never gives you what you can't overcome. I used to think that was a lie. Truly, back then, I thought the gods hated me. Because everything that happened to me was honestly unbelievable, too hurtful for me to contain.

Now, I was willing to try and overcome. Keyword here is try. When Jacob met me in front of the bathroom and asked me to meet him later in the cafeteria, since he wanted to hang out,  I wanted to say no. Why? Because I was being stupid, thinking that I could go back to Evan and try to talk things out with him even though he was in the wrong.

Here's the thing about me. I always go back. After someone hurts me, I always go back thinking they would try to make it up to me. I learnt the hard way that some people are truly dead emotionally and have no feelings of warmth within them. That's what I came to Los Angeles for, to try and move on. To never go back to someone who hurts me. And being the foolish boy that I am, I was thinking about going back.

My main motive for coming here, which sat at the back of my mind came to me making me smile and tel Jacob that I would meet him.

I smiled to myself. Maybe I was making progress. I wasn't planning on going back to Evan. I hadn't even known him for that long. Just a day and a half and frankly, all I knew about him was that he would have sex with someone when his roommate was in the room, which proved that he had no sense of respect for anyone.

Im sure you're all thinking that im a hypocrite since i fantasized about him. Yeah well, don't judge me. At least I had the decency to do it when he was out of the room.

I wanted to make him pay for what he did it to me. I guess I was gaining a little confidence. The old me would have never thought like this. The old me that I left in London would have meekly knelt down and tried to ask for forgiveness even when I didn't do anything wrong. This was better I guess? Or?

After my little show, I didn't think it was much...he didn't exactly spot a big hard on like I had hoped, or perhaps, he tried his best to hide it, I left the room and headed to the cafeteria.

Jacob wasn't difficult to find since he was the only one who hard bright red hair staring me in the face and of course, he was smiling brightly and waving eagerly at me. I smiled back genuinely and walked up to him. I wasn't faking. Jacob had a certain aura to made me feel safe. Happy.

Fuck. I was doing it again. I got ahead of myself. I didn't know him so I shouldn't have been feeling safe and happy too soon. He could have been just like Evan. Who knows?

"Hey" I greeted as I sat down opposite him.

"Whats up Angel?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Oh uh..nothing really" I sighed.

"Oh cmon. What do you mean by nothing really? You told me you had no lectures so you must have something planned out right?"

"Not exactly. I was thinking of going for a walk, around the school just to see where is know"

"I can totally help with that" he smirked and I could feel myself blushing. What was wrong with me?

"Are you sure? I wouldn't be bothering you?"

"Ah" he gasped. "How can you even think that Angel" he reprimanded touching my hand gently. "Anything for you" he smiled at me.

I'm pretty sure my face was all shades of red at that moment. "Um, okay?" I said but ended asking.

"We're friends right? That's what friends do" he stated before dragging me along with him to God knows where.

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