chapter 3

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She pulled me through a field of flowers. Although it was almost fall. The smell of the flowers were strong. There was one smell that got my attention. Roses, my favorite. The flower itself was soft, but the stem had thorns. I don’t know what it looks like, but the smell was attractive.

‘’what is this place?’’ I asked Layla.

‘’this in the inner garden of the school were all the students come in the summer with the lunch’’ Layla answered me and pulled me further. after a while we were inside.

‘’knock…. Knock’’. We were standing in front of a door.

‘’yes, come in’’ a deep and heavy voice said on the other side. Layla opened the door and she pulled me inside.

‘’ah ladies, please take a seat’’ the voice said. ‘’you must me the new student’’.

It took my hand and leaded me to a chair.

‘’let me introduce myself first. My name is Hugo von Kreizenfield. I’m the director here. And you must be Skyler Watts. It’s a pleasure to meet you and have you here in my school’’.

And he shook my hand.

‘’Miss Layla will be your guide here in the school. She also will explain the school rules to you. Here is your schedule, room key and locker key. If you’ll excuse, I have an appointment to make’’.

And he leaved the room.

 Layla and I walked around the school.

‘’here is your locker it’s next to mine’’ Layla said and opened it. ‘’your books are in there’’.

'' Well thanks for showing me around’’ I laugh. ‘’the director also said something about the school rules, is there something special about them?’’.

Layla laid out a sigh.

‘’well, it are not exactly rules but it’s more a code’’

she started while we walked further.

‘’The school has three section, or as we call them, levels. In the canteen are three floors. The first floor is called, ground level. That’s the level for average people, like us. For those who have no special status. Then you have the second floor, also known as, between. Here you’ll find the people who have a bit more status than us. And as last the floor. This is the floor for the ultimate rich people. We call that floor heaven, because the people there look like gods. They are just perfect. One guy is particular. His name is Allen Carter. He is kind of the leader on the second and third floor. All the girls on the first floor go crazy for him.’’

I heard that she was smiling while she was talking about that guy. I could not say that I was not curios, well I was, but I couldn’t see him. So no chance for me.

‘’it’s almost noon, let go to the canteen, I let you meet some of my friends’’ she said.


That was the bell. All the students walked of the classrooms and walked toward the canteen. I could feel that the hall was full of people in last than seconds. I picked up a sound for a few guys fooling around with each other. They were coming closer. And then I felt an elbow in my side. I lost my balance and felt.


I heard Layla screaming. From that moment everything went in slow motion. I didn’t know how long I would fall and where I was. Maybe I wasn’t that high. But still I was scared. I pressed my eyes closer that they already were, and prepared me for a hid on the ground. But the touch of the ground didn’t come. Instead of the ground, I felt a hand on my back and side. An electric strike went through my body. I saw pictures in my head.

‘’a guy?’’

I thought. There was a scent that hit my nose.

‘’Roses, ocean, honey and sun?’’

It was sweet and somehow warm. The hands felt hard and cold, but also Strong, warm and soft. A lot of things were going on in my body, feeling I have never felt before. What was happening?

‘’are you okay?’’

A warm, low and charming voice said. I was pulled up to my feet.

‘’be careful next time, okay?’’.

I nodded and heard two pair footsteps walking away.

‘’Sky!’’ Layla screamed behind me. ‘’Are you okay?’’.

She ran to me and hugged me.

‘’yeah, I’m fine’’ I answered still in shock. ‘’ wh… who was that?’’.

Layla pushed me away and gasped.

‘’that was Allen Carter’’ she said to happy. ‘’do you know how lucky you are that he was standing down the stairs’’.

‘’stairs?!’’ I thought. ‘’I was falling down the stairs?!’’.

‘’come lets go to the canteen and we talk further there’’ she said and pulled me along.

**** Allen’s view****


I heard someone screaming above me. As I turned around, I saw a girl falling from the stairs. I acted before I could think and caught her. As soon as we made contact, I felt a shock though my body.  There was a picture in my mind. A picture of darkness.

‘’is that was she sees? Only darkness?’’I thought.

She felt so fragile and yet so strong. I started to examine her. Long, brown hair, a pale skin, small nose, heart shaped face, soft lips and her eyes were almond shaped. She looked beautiful, so perfect. I lifted her to her feet.

‘’Are you okay?’’I asked. ‘’be careful next time, okay?’’.

She nodded and I walked away with Jason.

‘’fuuw’’ Jason whistled. ‘’who was she?’’.

‘’I don’t know, some human girl’’ I said back and entered the canteen.

We both walked towards the stairs that leaded to the third level.

‘’Allen’’ a female voice said.

As I looked I saw Victoria. My childhood friend, just as Jason.

‘’hey, Vic, how is life?’’ I asked and said down by the railing of the balcony.

Victoria sat next to me and pushed her body around my arm.

‘’well…’’ she started. ‘’I’m fine and I was won...” She disappeared to the back ground, as I saw that girl entering the canteen. My eyes were fixed on her, like glue. Every other person around her disappeared like thin air. I saw only her walking down there. She walked to a table and said down.

I started to think about the picture I saw in my head. Why was there only darkness? Why no pictures of people? Landscapes? Friends? Family? Why only darkness? She was sitting with her face toward me so I could see her face. She was talking to some people. I saw see was starting to blush and then she opened her eyes. My eyes were fixed on hers and then I knew why I saw darkness. She was blind.

Suddenly someone pulled me on the arm. I blinked and turn my head, it was Victoria.

‘’Are you listening to me?’’ she asked.

The question didn’t enter me and I turned my head again towards the girl.

‘’Skyler….’’ I said out loud.


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