Chapter 18

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For the record? Archer and I weren't dating. To be perfectly honest, I'm not even sure what it was going on between us. I think we were both under the impression that there weren't any labels on this thing. I wasn't his girlfriend and he wasn't my boyfriend. We sort of just started....kissing more. Like, a lot more.

True to my speculations earlier, by the time I arrived in the cafeteria for lunch later that day, all eyes were on me as I made my way for the food line. There were even a few people muttering behind their hands as I passed, which in my opinion was totally cliched. But the best part of this was that I found I didn't care whatsoever. Let them stare for all I cared.

I bought a sandwich and some lemonade, giving the lunch lady a wide smile, before I headed over to the table Archer and I shared. He was already there, slouched in his seat, as I dropped into the seat across from him, throwing my food onto the table.

Archer glanced up at me and gave a crooked grin. "Regretting kissing me in that hallway already, Hadley?"

I scoffed, rolling my eyes. "Hardly. I could care less what anybody else thinks."

Archer raised an eyebrow, not looking convinced at all. "Oh, really? Since when?"

I shrugged, paying more attention to my sandwich than him. "Beats me."

"Right, right," Archer replied, rolling his eyes.  

We ate in silence for the next couple of minutes, our attention fixed on our lunch. I could feel the entire cafeteria's gaze boring into the back of my head as I ate, which wasn't all that comfortable, believe it or not.  

I just hoped Archer was going to be left alone after everything that had happened in the hallway earlier, because I had a feeling I wasn't going to be.  

"Ohmigod, Hadley!"

I barely had enough time to look around before I saw Taelor sprinting her way over to our table, lunch in hand, a maniacal look in her yes. 

"Did you say something to her?" Archer hissed, leaning forward towards me.

"No!" I yelped, throwing my hands in the air. "I haven't seen her since this morning!"

"Well, it sure seems like -"

Archer was cut off by Taelor throwing her food onto the table and sitting down beside me.

"You've sure got a lot of explaining to do," Taelor babbled the second she sat down next to me. "I didn't know you two were dating!"

Arched and I exchanged looks. 

"We're not," Archer said dryly.


"We just kissed, that's all," I said loudly, cutting her off.  

"That's not what I heard," Taelor said, her voice full of suggestions.

"Well, it's not any of their business, is it?" Archer said, rolling his eyes.

He did have a point.

Taelor shrugged nonchalantly in response, a clear sign that she had no come back.

"I'm going to class," Archer said abruptly, getting to his feet. "I'll see you later, Hadley."

I was a little surprised at his words, but nodded anyways. He gathered his things together and left the cafeteria, but not before tossing a trademark smirk over his shoulder towards me. I had to fight back a girlh laugh at that, which was super stupid.

Taelor immediately turned to me the second Archer was out of earshot and opened her mouth to start firing questions, but thankfully the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch.

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