chapter 4

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When Layla opened the door to the canteen, I could already hear the people inside. I couldn’t make out how many people there were, but as I could hear, a lot. I could feel the people staring at me, but I didn’t care.

‘’Layla, over here!’’ some girl screamed through the canteen. ‘’were sitting over here, and take the new one with you’’.

 Layla asked me what I wanted to eat. ‘’just a sandwich is fine’’ I replied and she walked away, while leaving me standing here. It didn’t take long before she returned. She took my arm and leaded me to the table were the other were.

‘’ So you are the rumored new student’’ a male said, I nodded and took a seat. As far as I could hear there were three more people at the table. Including him. ‘’well my name is Taylor, and these are Natsumi and Clark’’. Taylor said.

‘’nice to meet you all’’ I said and took a bite of my sandwich. Hmm… a cheese sandwich, my favorite.

‘’say Skyler’’ a female said, so I guessed it was Natsumi. ‘’you don’t need to answer, but I’m just curious, were you born blind?’’.

 I started to smile. ‘’yes I’m born blind and please call me Sky’’ I said.

‘’did you know that Sky in Japanese Sora means?’’ Natsumi said. So Natsumi is Japanese, cool.

‘’is it true that your eyes are white when your blind?’’ Clark said.

‘’I don’t know because I can’t see them’’ I said and stuck out mu tongue. They all started to laugh.

‘’So why don’t you open your eyes, so that we can tell you?’’  Layla said. I felt my cheeks starting to become warm.

I had done it many time but, it was still embarrassing. Because you will never know how people react on something like that. For me didn’t made any difference, because even with my eyes open I didn’t see anything. So I had always my eyes closed.

I nodded and opened my eyes. I felt my eyelids slowly going up. The air hid my eyes and it started to tingle, so I blinked a few times to get adjust to it. My cheeks were still red, but it didn’t bother me. I heard they let out a sigh. It started to bother me. Why didn’t they say something? I started to become curious. How did my eyes look like? Where they that bad? I hope not.

‘’well… say something’’ I said nervous.

‘’they look amazing. You iris is so blue, but your pupil is white’’ Taylor said. ‘’are you sure that you don’t see white instead of black?’’.

‘’haha,, very funny’’ I said. I didn’t care if they made a joke of it. Most of the time I tried to joke with them, but some time it hurts. Every time when someone said, ‘’look at that, that’s so beautiful’’, it hurts deep inside. I don’t know what beauty is. And I will never see it.

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