6| Punches and Possessions

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The next day was the same as the last, making sure that my mother was comfortable before I took Luke and Lexi to school. The fear of working for a man like Freddie was still at the forefront of my mind like it was yesterday, but at least this time I knew he would rather play his games with me than get rid of me altogether.

Dave met me with a groan and a mug of black coffee pressed against his lips, and when he showed me to the kitchen where there were stacks upon stacks of glasses to wash, I knew that he was pissed off that I had left early yesterday—even if it was his boss that had made that decision.

It was almost the afternoon when I was standing behind the bar again.

"Perfect, you're here!" The man who had pulled me into his lap last night shouted from across the room as he made his way to me. "I was starting to think my brother had done something to you last night." I frowned at his words, not entertaining them as I stared at his face. The bruises I had seen last night had gotten worse, but his smile was still more friendly than the other man that was making his way to us.

They were both staring at me, but it was only one of them that made me into a nervous wreck.

Freddie's gaze was dead set on me as he settled next to his brother. I let out a shaky breath using every ounce of my restraint not to meet his gaze, knowing that whatever game he would play with me today would only start when I looked up at him.

"I'm feeling a lot of negativity between the two of you right now." He turned to Freddie.

"What did you do to her." Freddie scoffed making it seem like he was going to say something but then he moved away and walked straight to the door. My eyes met his without thinking and I sucked in a heavy breath when his brother turned back to look at me.

"What did he do to you, do you need me to rough him up a bit?" He said a little more quietly, and for a moment I believed he was genuinely concerned about my well-being but then I remembered where I was and who he was related to.

"He did what I wanted him to do." I found myself saying without thinking through the words clearly. There were a number of things that had happened last night and the only good thing to come out of it was that he had given me a huge pay rise.

He had kissed me and threatened me too, but I wasn't thinking of those things when I opened my mouth to say something stupid.

Freddie's gaze lowered to my lips like he knew exactly what I was thinking and then he clenched his jaw, his nostrils flaring as he glared at me.

"James we're fucking leaving—if I catch you flirting with her one more time I'm going to find a way to scar up that pretty face of yours." He said and then he stormed out the room.

James laughed as the door slammed behind him.

"He's already getting possessive over you, love—you'll stand no chance trying to get away from him," James said to me. "Also, a word of advice—he's not the monster everyone thinks he is, it's better if you form your own opinion of him. Cullfield is a town full of liars and cheats, I should know considering I am one of its Kings." He winked before he followed after Freddie.

It was well into the evening when everything went wrong once again.

I hadn't seen much of Freddie since our awkward encounter in the morning, but like all bad things had a way of finding me—so did he.

I was cleaning up the excess pint glasses from one of the tables when I felt a hand settle on my ass, I was ready to show him a piece of my mind for touching me without my permission, but as I set my gaze on the man behind me the words went dry in my throat.

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