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I entered the house and saw the anger rolling off of Zion. His shoulders heaved up and down as I failed at sneaking into the house. It was one in the morning and he had a game later which I added to his anger.

"Hey," I said to him in my smallest voice.

"Hey is all you have to say to me after sneaking out in the middle of the night and meeting your father?" Being cute would not work.

"I had to do this myself," I said. He shook his head before stomping away. I stood in the foyer deciding if I should give him space but followed behind him. Walking down the hallways, I did my best to keep the noise down. I knew to go to the gym; it was where he calmed himself.

When I walked inside, he was sitting on his weight bench, phone in hand. I knew he heard me entered but he wouldn't look at me. This was the first time I had pissed him off, so I did not understand how I would apologise. Walking over to him, he kept his head down glued to his phone so I sat on his lap.

With a grunt he looked up at me. Shooting him an apologetic smile he rolled his eyes. "That could have gone bad. We are partners, why didn't you tell me?"

"Im sorry, I wasn't thinking when I did it." I kissed his cheek while his arms tightened around my waist, phone still in hand. He let me kiss him but didn't give me one back. I would allow him to accept my apology in his own time. He pulled his arms from around me and looked back down at his phone.

"What's got your attention?" He didn't respond, so I pulled his phone from his hand.

"Stop playing and give me my phone back," Zion said. His tone was gruffer than what the one he normally used with me.

"Why? Who are you talking to?" I felt a flash of anger. He noticed my anger and placed his arms around my midsection.

"Calm down shawty I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize what we have, and you know that. It's my private investigator. He has information about Angela and Wilmer. I was going to call him before you came in here." I stared at him to see if he could meet my eyes, he could so I handed him his phone back.

"Call him, I want to hear too," I said. Zion dialed without thinking too much. A gravel like voice answered after a few rings.

"Give it to me," Zion said.

"They are back in town. I found a car following you all. They were mapping out your daily routine. I followed the car last night when it was following you and saw that this guy had stepped out of the vehicle and snapped a photograph but it was a different man than Wilmer." the PI said. They way he said things were like he was reading off a bullet-pointed list. A picture came on the screen showing Zion's father taking a picture of the house.

"I suspected as much, he's walking garbage so I'm not surprised," he said, surprised that his father was doing anything that could lead to financial gain. Even if that thing would harm a child of his.

"He's staying in a roach motel outside of the city. I just sent some videos of the two criminals kissing and outside your home. I will also send your father's address. I have to go now." The phone clicked into silence while Zion and I stared.

"We will end this," Zion said. I nodded at him and we began forming a game plan...

"Cyprus's lock the doors, security is here and we're leaving," Zion said to me while he lay in bed watching television. I looked over at me and smiled the got from under the covers and crawled over to him and put his arms around his shoulders. Zion pulled me close by my waist and kissed me. We were both ready for the scheme that took two days of planning to be set in motion.

It started with an anonymous email being sent out with Zion's father's address. Zane had suggested putting his father's location out in the open. They couldn't hurt him directly but passively they were both fine with. Next, we had to deal with Angela and Wilmer who camped out down the street waiting for a moment to strike.

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