Chapter 24

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Camila’s POV

I wanted to KILL Sofi when I heard the young voice yelling through my apartment. Did she not get the hint when Lauren hadn’t answered her phone call? My entire body was still in frenzy when I threw on my clothes. There was no time to recover from that mind blowing performance Lauren had just delivered. It was definitely a new side to her being so dominant in the bedroom. Obviously, she had a rather bossy personality but seeing it transferred in other ways was still making me blush. Quickly running my hand through my hair, I left the bedroom and tried being as composed as I could.

As soon as I saw my little sister crying, my anger vanished. She was sobbing uncontrollably and I hadn’t seen her like this since our mom passed. There were not a lot of things I hated more than seeing her in pain. Lauren held her tightly and I knew Sofi was in good hands because I had been hugged like that before from the dark-haired woman. It was the most comforting and comfortable place to be when you were upset; Lauren’s arms that is.

The way she wrapped her arms around your entire body and held you so close made you feel safe. Even though my sister was hurting, I loved seeing Lauren being like this. She had always been a great big sister to Taylor and Michael and even Sofi back then. It was instinctual to her. Even with fans back in the day. She was never shy to hug the sometimes hysterical fans. There were so many moments where I would just watch Lauren hugging random fans and making them feel like they were genuinely connected to her because she allowed them to be. My mind was flooded with images.

I had to focus though and approached them both.

“What happened?”, I asked and saw Sofi shaking her head.

“Stephen broke up with me. He didn’t even give me a real reason”, she sobbed and Lauren let go of her so we could all settle on the couch. It didn’t take long before Sofi was cuddling up to the green-eyed woman and demanded more comfort. Which Lauren was more than happy to give by putting one arm around her and gently rubbing the younger one’s back.

“That doesn’t make any sense. I thought you guys were on cloud nine”, I said.

“Yeah, me too. So you can imagine my shock when he just blurted out that he’s not ready for this and all of this bullshit”, Sofi explained but then laughed lightly. “Maybe I should join the other team, as well.”

Both, Lauren and I laughed now too and tried cheering her up for the next two hours. We ordered pizza because Sofi didn’t want to eat my sushi and watched a movie. I had envisioned my night with Lauren differently but watching her be so compassionate and loving with my little sibling wasn’t bad either. Her instincts were always good and maybe that was an older sister thing. She was incredibly cute with little kids and I caught myself thinking what an amazing mom she would be. I gulped a little when I realized what was going through my mind. We had just become a couple and I was starting to think of her motherly skills. It was just so endearing and adorable whenever she found some little child to pay all of her attention to.

After the movie ended, Lauren had fallen asleep on the couch and I assumed she was tired from the flight and all the travelling in general. So, I let her sleep it off and talked to Sofi for a while. She stayed with me and left pretty early the next morning while the older woman was still dead asleep. The exhaustion became apparent when the known pop star slept for almost eighteen hours straight! A part of me was worried and checked up on her regularly but she was sleeping like a baby. I had gone about my day as if she wasn’t with me and was a little disappointed we couldn’t enjoy the little time we had, but most of me was happy she was able to relax.

I finally heard her shifting and groaning quietly as I made my way over to her on the couch. Her green eyes opened slowly and focused on me as I sat down. I actually loved seeing her that sleepy, when her hair was in disarray, eyes dreamy and she just generally looked so much younger.

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