Chapter 29

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My mind was running through memories, sparked by the picture on her nightstand while stroking the warm skin of the woman I loved. We were both just dozing at this point; neither of us in a hurry to get up and let go of the other one. Why not spend the entire day in bed? I was convinced Camila wouldn’t mind and smirked internally. Focusing my eyes on her again, she seemed half asleep and I couldn’t ignore how pretty she looked. She still took my breath away sometimes. My fingertips barely touched her skin but moved up and down her arm while she looked so peaceful and relaxed. I took a deep breath and tried damping my heart rate that sped up instantly, whenever I’d realize how beautiful the young woman was.

“Why are you staring at me?”, Camila suddenly asked and made my eyes widen in bewilderment.

“How…did you know I was looking at you?”, I was more than surprised because her eyes had been shut the entire time.

“I can feel it”, she said softly and opened her eyes now. “Can’t you?”

“Sometimes”, I admitted and saw her smiling mildly. “And I wasn’t staring. I just like looking at you”, I added and saw her smile widening. She bit her lower lip and placed one hand on my cheek; cupping it gently and pulling me in for a kiss. I would never get tired of the feeling of our lips meeting in that incomparable delight. Our kisses were soft but affectionate now, as we fell into a rhythm of dozing and exchanging little kisses or touches. I couldn’t tell how much time actually passed until my phone started buzzing again. It was my day off and I had told everyone not to contact me except for an emergency. That was why I reached for the device and saw that it was Camila’s younger sister who had texted me.

“Sofi texted me”, I explained. “She wants to know if we want to go to lunch together.”

“At least, she’s asking now before barging in”, Camila said and made both of us laugh lightly at the memory of her sister interrupting our last night in her apartment. “Do you want to go?”

“Yeah, sounds good. But I have to take another quick shower”, I noticed because our little love play had had me work up a sweat.

“So do I. Why don’t we take one together?”, the younger one suggested with a grin.

“Oh no, we’ll never make it to lunch if we do that”, I smirked.

“True”, she agreed with an even bigger grin but got up from the bed. “I’ll go first. You can text Sofi she can come over and we’ll go together.”

I nodded and watched the light-haired woman disappearing in the bathroom. Taking a deep breath first, I texted Sofi afterwards and went through a couple of my emails. I wasn’t supposed to but I couldn’t help myself. For the first time in a while, I checked twitter and saw the amount of tweets I had gotten ever since the #camrenisreal hashtag. It had trended worldwide and I smiled slightly when I saw that. The good old harmonizers, I thought. They seemed to be genuinely happy and it was insane how many people had sent me stuff from fan art to videos dedicated to us. I was a little overwhelmed but extremely proud Camila and I had decided to go public.

Unfortunately there were also the usual haters but I ignored them because I didn’t want their negativity to get to me. Checking my emails from Chelsea, I saw the video from the paparazzi at the New York airport attached. I really didn’t want to watch it but read Chelsea’s email. She tried doing damage control so the reporters wouldn’t continue harassing us. Once you had a fight with them, they wanted another one and provoked you even more. That was the last thing I wanted. I sighed quietly but heard Camila coming out of the bathroom, so I could go in.

Quickly taking a shower, I only needed a couple of minutes to wash away the thin layer of sweat on my body. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw my neck for the first since Camila had devoured it.

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