Chapter 31

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Camila’s POV

Slowly waking up the next morning, I needed a second to realize what was actually happening. Hearing someone else’s breath next to me was still unusual…unfortunately. Turning on my side to look at the stunning woman in bed with me, I couldn’t help but wish I had a chance to get used to this. But the older one was constantly on tour or doing other projects preventing her from staying in Miami for more than a few days. She would leave again today and we had made no arrangements on how we were going to deal with the next four months of separation.

Sighing in frustration, I got out of bed and decided to take a shower. Lauren would probably need some more time to recuperate after last night. I liked having her here more than I admitted, and the idea of her staying with me permanently had definitely crossed my mind. Until now, I had no chance to discuss these things with here though. Her insane schedule made any long term plans impossible. In addition, I knew Lauren had mentioned not having thought about settling down any time soon. On the other hand, she had seemed open to idea of us getting married. The simple memory of that conversation gave me goose bumps. I had no idea how serious she was about these things and that scared the crap out of me.

Coming out of the bathroom after the shower, I rejoined the singer in bed and watched her peaceful facial expression. She looked so much younger. Her pale skin and the dark circles under her eyes indicated the stressful lifestyle she maintained. My concern was something I kept to myself because she was obviously old enough to know where her limits were. Still, I couldn’t deny I was worried whenever she would come back to Miami and be so exhausted. She was still wearing her clothes from last night and her long, dark locks where draped all over the pillows and her face. I reached out and gently brushed them behind her ear. My eyes kept lingering on her for quite a while, as my mind was occupied with too many thoughts concerning our future.

“Stop staring at me”, the raspy voice suddenly whispered and made me smile instantly.

“So, you do feel it when I look at you”, I noticed and saw the green eyes opening slightly.

“Sometimes, yeah”, she replied but groaned afterwards. “Oh God, sunlight”, she sighed and closed her eyes in pain again. She was obviously hungover and I laughed quietly seeing her struggle.

“I’m really surprised you can’t handle your liquor anymore”, I admitted but bent down to kiss her temple softly. She used to be the one in the group who could drink even the guys under the table. Her excessive lifestyle was not something I missed, though.

“I’m getting old, Camz”, she said surprisingly and even her eyes opened rapidly when she used my old nickname.

“Camz?”, I asked with a big grin. “I think you’re still a little drunk.”

“Maybe”, she laughed and my heart fluttered at the sound. “You don’t like it anymore?”

“No, that’s not it. No one has called me that in years, so I was a little surprised. You can call me anything you want…except for Karla”, I added quickly.

“Except for your real name”, she teased but groaned again and rubbed her forehead.

“Come on, I’ll get you an aspirin and you’ll take a shower. That’s going to help”, I suggested and saw her nodding. She sat up slowly and I went to the medicine cabinet to get her the promised painkiller and a glass of water afterwards. Lauren was fumbling around in her suitcase, trying to find something to put on and threw some clothes on the bed. I put the glass and pill on the dresser, wanting to go back to the kitchen but she grabbed my wrist. She gently spun me around and her lips met mine unexpectedly. They were eager and more passionate than I would have anticipated in her current state, but I was not complaining at all. Wrapping my arms around her neck, she pulled me in closer and made my head spin with her full lips enclosing mine.

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