Chapter 32

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Vero’s POV

I was ecstatic about seeing Lauren and her band members perform in Tampa tonight. My parent had allowed me to stay with my cousin in Tampa, go to the Jingle Ball and travel with Fifth Harmony back home. There was only one more show after Tampa and then Lauren and I would come home to Miami together. And Camila…maybe. I wasn’t sure where the both brunettes stood with their friendship. They had been so incredibly close in the beginning but seemed distant lately. Sometimes I genuinely wondered what was going on in their heads. It was so fucking obvious to everyone else!

Lauren had scolded me for “shipping” camren excessively and I was being a good friend by stopping my adoration for their friendship publicly. A part of me always wondered if there wasn’t more to them, though. I was very open when it came to experimenting and all that stuff. My crush on Camila was apparent but she was so innocent. The first time I had met her, she had fallen over when she had seen me and appeared a little nervous because I had been so vocal about my crush on her. That had been months ago and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen today. I was excited, that was for sure.

Before going backstage to greet my friend and her four other band mates, I was able to watch them during sound check. Of course, my primary focus was on Lauren. She looked happy and a lot more at ease being back in Florida. I knew she had been homesick lately. But there could have been another reason for her joy. Camila was sitting next to Lauren and paying her an awful lot of attention, compared to what I had seen the past couple of months. They were exchanging little looks and smiles, leaving me confused on when they had gotten friendly again.  Dinah forgot about her lyrics at one point and I read Camila’s lips, saying: “I distracted her” to Lauren, who laughed it off like it was the most precious thing. Ugh, they were so cute…even though I was crushing on Camila, seeing one of my best friends be so infatuated with the brown-eyed girl, I would never go there.

After sound check, I was able to go backstage and finally reunite with my friend. I basically ran up to her and she gave me big hug, meeting me halfway. Lauren was a great hugger and I had missed her. Not just her hugs but everything else. Pulling back, the green eyes sparkled in the bright sunlight and I jumped up and down with her in excitement. The other girls came up to me afterwards and hugged me one by one. I complimented them on their set but one girl was being a little hesitant. Camila was the last one to hug me and I smirked, seeing her nervous smile.

“Hey Vero”, her admittedly cute voice greeted me. I wrapped my arms around her and let my hands rest on her lower back, feeling her tense up.

“Hey”, I said and let her go. Her cheeks were flushing and I just couldn’t help myself. “Wow, you look really good.”

“Thanks…so do you”, she responded politely but she was flustered beyond belief, immediately taking a few steps back and leaving me with Lauren. Looking back at my friend, I saw the bushy eyebrows frowning and I could have sworn she was jealous. But she didn’t say anything. Instead, we talked about Miami and I caught her up on all the latest gossip. There was always drama when it came to the private school we attended, and Lauren seemed interested in everything she was missing. The rest of the day was amazing and I had a ton of fun with her and all the other girls. From watching them perform on stage, vibing with them in the car on the way back to the hotel and everything in between. They were all such sweethearts. Only Camila was still being shy around me but I tried engaging with her so she wouldn’t feel left out.

Lauren and I had snuck outside for a smoke. On our way back to our hotel room we passed Camila and Dinah’s room. Their door was open and I caught a glimpse of Camila sitting on her bed with her guitar.

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